goals for 2011

i’m not that great at making resolutions.  i like to make goals, then as the year progresses and life happens i can adjust accordingly without feeling like i am breaking a resolution.  is that cheating?  in the same vein, i try to make goals that are reasonable and achievable so i don’t spend the next several months in a state of defeat. a juice cleanse in order to lose 20 lbs. by valentines day is not an achievable goal.  having my pantry re-organized by june, is.   i have to confess however, that some of these goals are repeats from last year.  😕

1. complete our dossier in a reasonable amount of time.  at the time of writing this goal we haven’t yet talked with the family coordinator from our agency so i don’t know what constitutes “reasonable amount of time”.  i would though like to have it done by spring.  if you have no earthly idea what i am talking about see the link to my other blog on the sidebar of this page and read the “our news” post.

2. by the end of ’11 i would like a place for everything and everything in its place.  this will require better time management on my part.

3. continue working to establish our potager (a potager is a fancy word for kitchen garden.  i used to throw it out there periodically to show off and then discovered i wasn’t pronouncing it correctly).  i would love it if we could purchase less and less produce from the store and use more and more from our garden.

4. run the john 3:16 10k with a better finish time than last year.

5. complete the st. paddy’s day 5k in less than 32 min and 27 sec.

6. depending on whether or not we travel abroad to meet little one and when we could potentially travel, run the 15k tulsa run in october.

7. show some things on etsy and hopefully sell them.  this is another repeat from last year which was a repeat from the year before.  we’re getting there.  at least now i know what i want to show, it is just a matter of executing it.

…and come june we’ll check back in and see how we’re progressing.


5 Comments to “goals for 2011”

  1. this is to clever, I admire you. we are praying
    what is etsy?

  2. so, how DO you pronounce “potager”?

  3. Ah. Hmm. Okay!

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