first monday of the year

i am not a monday sort of  person and here it is the very first monday of 2011.  i am all bright eyed and bushy tailed today though because this first monday of the year, i am back in my kitchen.  it isn’t completely finished.  we still have the cabinet fronts to paint and sometimes i think that we’ll be doing that well into 2012.  the pantry however, is done, as are the insides of the cabinets, so i can at least move back in and we’re functional.

never redo your kitchen.  never, never, never, never, never redo your kitchen.  from now on, when i am invited to a bridal shower and asked to give the bride advice on a 3×5 card it will be “never redo your kitchen”.  on the other hand, if you really want a test to see what you and your partner are made of, grab a mallet and have at it.  the other night when we moved the stove back into place marco and i congratulated each other that we were still on speaking terms and still sharing the same bedroom.

when we do get the cabinet fronts painted, the hardware back on, and the backsplash installed, i will give everyone a before and after photo tour.

i’ve just had to let things go while this project has been in progress so while settling the pantry is #1 on my list, i also need to clean my bathroom (there is so much grime in my sink one could plant a small garden), and declutter the piano that temporarily served as our desk.   if i could squeeze in a few loads of laundry in between all of the above that would be great.  i also need to go for a long run, and put in a pan of no-peek chicken for dinner.

happy january 3, 2011


2 Comments to “first monday of the year”

  1. Just a quick question- should we redo our kitchen? Dad

  2. You know…we have been talking about redoing our kitchen and bathroom ever since we moved into this house. After the bathroom, which took a few weeks, I can’t even begin to imagine how stressful and traumatic redoing a whole kitchen would be.

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