it’s friday!

after five months of living like a refugee i feel like my life is slooooowly beginning to fall back into place.  not only are we moving back into the kitchen, which truly is the heart of our home, but my husband is not having to travel quite as much. so for the first time in several months we are

1. having an honest-to-goodness date night, where we cook in the kitchen; and

2. i am making out a grocery list and menu plan that does not feature fish sticks, french fries, and bagged salad.

i am elated.

i am on cloud nine.

i am walking six feet off the floor.

for date night this week we are going to eat from bon appetit magazine: fried calamari on a bed of pasta.

a few tiny things though are creating a minor blip on my radar screen.  one is that while we used some really great stuff in creating our kitchen (the marmoleum flooring, and my fantabulous cast iron, 9″ deep kohler sink) a week after using these, they have started so show dirt.  a simple mopping with a damp microfiber mop and scrub with a sponge won’t do.  i’ve learned that both of these surfaces require special order cleaners from the manufacturer.  ugh.  i’d still say it was worth it though.

second blip, and one i am dealing with is my beautiful  new slide out cutting board.   we special ordered it and when i measured, i figured for it to come within 1/2″ of the edge of the countertop so that it would be concealed when closed.   either i measured or figured wrong because when closed it is flush with the countertop edge.  since it isn’t white, you can see it when facing the cabinet.  it’s growing on me though and marco actually thinks that it looks great.  it is a beautiful cutting board, made of five different shades of wood so i guess it deserves to be seen.

in other news: the “n” key on my keyboard is sticking….


2 Comments to “it’s friday!”

  1. I just bought a Shark steam pocket mop for mopping my floors. My mom has one and really likes it. I don’t know if it would work on your floors, but you might look into it. It just uses tap water (which it turns into steam) to clean and sanitize the floors.

  2. your cutting board sounds beautiful! I hope the other things aren’t too hard to clean with their manufacturer’s cleaning supplies. 🙂 I’m SO happy for you to have your kitchen back!

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