back to business as usual…

i told marco yesterday that i feel like we moved.  i unpack boxes and toss the empty ones aside where they form a mountain in the dining room.  no one prepared me for this aspect of a remodel.  i guess it is a good thing, otherwise we never would have done it.  now that it is nearly done though, i am happy we did it.  i think.  i put my red transferware dishes up in the corner cabinets yesterday and the final effect was stunning.  i was so excited to see them back in place.  i’m still tweaking storage and how i want the contents of the cabinets arranged (which is another reason why i feel like we just moved) but a photo tour is on my growing list of things to do this week.

today is my day to try and get it back to normal; or at least a new sense of normal.  making a decision to add another person to our family has changed things even though he won’t be here for quite a while yet.  in my new normal i have designated monday as laundry day, soup day, and bread day.  i have a load of laundry in the washer and last night i got a head start on my soup.  there will be no bread today; i’m not quite that up to par just yet. it’s a gray and rainy day though, perfect for sitting in a yellow kitchen, folding laundry and stirring the mirepoix.

happy monday!


One Comment to “back to business as usual…”

  1. Happy Monday to you too!

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