i’m still around

i just haven’t had much time to write.  we’ve had a lot going on with one thing and another.  we’re still sort of settling things after the remodel and reeling from a huge disappointment last week  but the dust is finally beginning to settle and life moves on.  we’re currently spending a lovely morning planning our valentine’s day over a bowl of steel cut oats.  marco sits on one side of the table with his laptop, i sit on the opposite and we chat.  online that is.  just like the old days when we were courting.  last year we started what i think will become our annual valentine’s day tradition: selecting a menu (an extensive menu including apps and dessert), and then spending the day executing said menu.  so this morning, over chat, we browsed amazon for a new cookbook.  marco actually has to travel valentine’s day so we’ll be celebrating the following weekend, but this gives us plenty of time to wait for the book to arrive, read through it, and decide what we want to fix.  so while we’ve had our ups and downs recently (more downs than ups), life is still very rich.  🙂

the kitchen is finished.  yesterday marco hung the tiny valance over the kitchen window.  he did this while i was at the extension office doing my phone duty, so when i came home, there they were, lemon and cherry colored tassels dangling,  hanging over the sink.  the effect is lovely.  last week he finished painting the side door, and we just have yet to attach the “catch” magnets (or whatever they are called) to the inside of the doors and cabinets.  this morning we ordered a vintage red wall phone.  we lack a few finishing touches – the pictures need to be rehung – but i’m not in a hurry to pound holes in my freshly painted walls.  for all practical purposes though, it is finished and hopefully this week i can start taking pictures for the grand photo tour.

valentine’s day also marks the start of the planting season for the cool weather vegetables such as lettuce and beets.  last week i ordered what seeds i need and today i hope to take advantage of the nice weather to get out and start turning over the dirt. 


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