we are currently snowed in under a blanket 14″ deep (or 12.2 according to some sources). while that may not be that amazing for some, for here it sets a new record for the most amount to fall in a 24 hour period.  or something like that.  i’m not one to watch the weather, but my husband is, and that is what i have gathered from his recent reports here and there.

normally, i go stir crazy when we have a storm.  i still can’t really figure this one out because i am a home body by nature.  i think it is just the thought that if i really wanted to get out, i couldn’t.  so i have been staying busy for the most part.  this afternoon i emptied my tiny wall cabinet of these and thoroughly washed them.

this is my prize collection of miniature cups and saucers.  my husband bought them for me on a whim one saturday afternoon when we  were admiring them online.  my mother bought me four miniature tea pots for my birthday one year.   among these is also a slightly larger set of a cup and saucer, teapot, cream, and sugar in miniature reproduction of queen victoria’s china pattern (one of many i am sure).  we found this one when we were honeymooning in the cotswolds.

yesterday afternoon i allowed myself the luxury of knocking off  cleaning/special projects about 3 so i could do some needlework in front of downton abbey on masterpiece theater.  anyone else watching it? anyone else struggle with the word “downton”?   awkward to say…

i’m loving it, wishing i had a staff for my house and enjoying hugh bonneville.  i suppose most would remember him in daniel deronda (which i did not care for) but i liked him best as the spineless fop in mansfield park (that was him wasn’t it?).  today i plan to do the same, moving on to episode 2.

it feels good to have time to stitch.  have reluctantly put aside the peter rabbit scene i was working on ::sniff:: and dragged the marilyn leavett-imblum piece back out.  sorta sad.  must buck up though as i finished the last of the two-bite cupcakes today.


One Comment to “snow!”

  1. Oooo! Such pretties! And 14″ is no joke, for sure. That’s a LOT of snow! Most winters we don’t get that much in one snow-fall. This year we got 18″ at once and it was big news.

    We happened across Downton on TV recently but John was in control of the remote so it didn’t stay on. But I was busy browsing 🙂 Anyways, I’ll have to check into that show.

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