day 7

and counting….apparently we are to get more snow this week.  this afternoon we are going to make another run to the store for some necessities: red wine vinegar (gotta have it), and sugar: powdered and granulated.  i plan to make some cut out valentine cookies in the event we are snowed in again this week.  actually i plan to make them either way.  for christmas i got a set of decorating tubes as i want to teach myself how to decorate cookies, among other things.

marco and i enjoyed the superbowl last night with my parents at their place.  i don’t really watch football.  i cross stitch during the game and then watch the commercials.  favorite spot: the little darth vader.  i love little people.  i love little boys (assuming this was a little boy under all that garb).  i would love to have a little darth pottering about our place.  i’d give my right arm for that (really, i would).  in order to pull me through this last dead end, marco has been reading through the story of hannah with me and we’ve been discussing the way she prayed, etc.  so this morning i caught myself “Lord if you will give me a son……i will…….i will…….i will buy him a darth vader suit!!!”  i………don’t think that is what He had in mind, but whatever.

today is monday so that means that it is soup and  laundry day.  my washer is humming along and the bone broth is in the fridge waiting to be degreased and transformed into beefy french onion soup. recipe from a vintage cookbook i found at a used bookstore.  delegating monday as a slow day for laundry and cooking makes me feel all housewifey and i have found that i actually enjoy the day instead of dreading it.

other mundane items on my monday agenda:

~email the small town paper with the plans for the garden club meeting.  i am publicity person this year.

~turn in subscription for la cucina italiana.  date night material.  it will be fun and yummy i am sure.  if we turn in our paid subscription today we get (da-da-da):  a free wine carrier with the la cucina logo.  it’s for picnics.  we never go on picnics, but it is free so i am ordering it anyway.

~ordering a heating mat for my seed starting to commence when the snow melts.  the tomato seeds need to be started in a few weeks.

~attend a meeting at the extension office about how we can reach home-school students using the demo garden as a teaching tool.  being a product of home-schooling i have a special interest in this possibility.  i also want to get out of the house for a bit.

so wishing there was some way to get out in this and go for a much needed run…


2 Comments to “day 7”

  1. enjoyed being with you guys last night.

  2. I want you to have a Darth Vader costumed little boy running around too. :hugs:

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