today is a yellow teapot day

part of our morning ritual is a pot of tea over breakfast.  usually that one pot will extend to two or sometimes even three: pg tips steeped for about three minutes and served in our his and hers teacups which are so special they are deserving of a post all to themselves.

i have two teapots for our morning ritual – brown betty knock-offs that are stored over the stove on a scalloped shelf next to a vintage repro tea tin.  the  brown one has an endearing chipped lid.  i bought it years before i was married on a trip to canada.

recently though we added a yellow version to the collection.  i found this one at a tea room down the street,  just after we started the infamous kitchen remodel.  it was cute. it was round. it was yellow.  i had to have it.

on average ordinary days we use the brown pot.  every once in a while though we will designate a day as “yellow teapot day”.  it can be in honor of a special occasion such as a day off, a pick-me-up, or just because.

or, as in today’s case, dreary weather.

this morning i woke up to another swirling 6 inches of wet snow.

today is a yellow teapot day.


4 Comments to “today is a yellow teapot day”

  1. Good morning; I hope you are warm and well.

  2. LOVE this. And that teapot! And your canisters. Your kitchen is becoming one fabulous room that I would just like to spend all my time in!!! 🙂 Happy Snow Day! I hope the day is as cheer-bringing as your teapot.

  3. Someday I really want to sit down and have tea with you. Maybe that would be a yellow teapot day. Or, if it were here, we would use my white teapot with blue pictures on it that my parents brought me from England.

  4. Makes me want to get a cute teapot! I love a good cup of tea on a cold day.

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