happy valentine’s day!

unfortunately my valentine has to travel today.  the good thing though is that his flight doesn’t leave until late this afternoon so we have most of the day together and we started it off with homemade eggs benedict and raspberries.  no sooner had we sat down to eat when fed-ex arrived with my surprise: a box of chocolate covered strawberries.  marco had intended for it to arrive while he was gone and i was supposedly home alone but the change in plans couldn’t have worked out more perfectly. a yellow teapot morning indeed!

today marks eight sweetheart days that we have spent together.  the first was celebrated as a newly engaged couple when marco came to visit me in honduras.  we had a candlelight dinner under the mango tree overlooking the pool in our back yard.  i fixed pork chops with apricots, something i saw in martha stewart’s living.  years later, i learned that marco doesn’t care for “fruity meat” but he graciously ate it that night.  we’re planning a belated “french bistro” dinner on saturday after he gets back in town.

after i drop him off at the airport, i will go on to my folks house for a dinner with them; which, i assume, will conclude with my mom’s heart shaped red velvet cake.  she has made one every year that i can remember – long before red velvet made a come back.

in honor of valentine’s day i decided to break out my brand new decorating tips and pastry bags that i got for christmas and make some decorated sugar cookies.    i don’t necessarily see myself becoming a full fledged pastry chef, but i would like to get to the place that when a recipe recommends piping a shell border with a #21 tip, i don’t flee in a state of panic.  ever since i was a kid, i have plunged into new projects requiring new skills with the expectation that i’ll have it mastered within an hour, the results suitable for a coffee table book photo shoot.  i thought that i had outgrown that long ago, but my sugar cookie project proved me wrong.  within an hour i was frustrated and declaring i should just leave it to merritt’s.  marco encouraged me to stick with it though and  in the end, i learned that the instruction book was right when they said that most problems accounted for the frosting consistency.  by the time i got it thinned out just right, the results were a little more what i had hoped for.  maybe not suitable yet for a photo shoot, but good enough for us to celebrate with. next endeavor: saint paddy’s day postcard cookies.  vintage postcard of course.


hope ya’ll have a wonderful day with you and yours.



2 Comments to “happy valentine’s day!”

  1. Your cookies look beautiful! Whenever I attempt decorated frosting, I’m very disappointed with the results, but you did a really good job! I’m glad you got to have a nice morning with Marco. 🙂

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