happy clover day!

in honor of st. patrick’s day i thought i would take a break from making my vintage postcard cookies (more on that later) to share my thoughts and experiences about keeping clover in the lawn.  if your husband is a hank hill sortofaguy and prizes a lush green lawn, he may not appreciate my perspective.

we were in our showy, somewhat  upscale neighborhood when we first discovered the quaint charm of the white pom-pom flowers and the lovely green  leaves.  because we love the look of an unkept cottage garden, we encouraged the stuff to grow and decided against treating our lawn for weeds.  living in an area where green golf-course style lawns are the goal, we were not the popular couple at the block party.

now that we have moved to a more “green” (no pun intended) and earth friendly neighborhood, people don’t seem to mind as much as long as it is kept short and tidy.  i will say that i don’t really have as much clover going on in the front yard as my goal there is a more formal look, but we do encourage it in the back yard where we have our vegetable garden.

back in the day lawns were comprised of both grass and clover.  it hasn’t been until the last few decades that clover was demoted to “weed” status and a “weed free” lawn was desirable.   what homeowners may or may  not realize though is that the chemicals required to maintain that “weed free” green lawn  can be very harmful to the surrounding environment and those that share it such as bees and earthworms.  not to mention the amount of extra water needed to keep it green, so there are many benefits to consider in having clover amongst the grass in your lawn.

*clover provides nitrogen to the soil making for a healthier lawn and a healthier garden

*clover requires significantly less water to maintain

*clover will stay nice and green through the heat of the summer when the grass starts to go dormant

*clover attracts the bees

we  have been fortunate to have patches that just spring up naturally every year.  as i said before, we simply mow around them and enjoy the somewhat “wild” look.  if you don’t have clover in your lawn or want more of it, clover seed can be purchased and seeded into an already existing lawn.   gardener’s supply offers white clover seed by the 1/2# with growing instructions featured on their website.  i encourage you to take a look and consider integrating some of this lovely stuff into your landscape.

enjoy looking for four leaf clover in your lawn this summer!


One Comment to “happy clover day!”

  1. I am keeping this up as required reading for my husband. ;o) Maybe at our next house we can compromise – he gets front yard lawn, I get the back.

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