mocha toffee chocolate cookies. a recipe review.

recently i made these to send to a very dear friend  who claims to be a fan of chocolate, coffee, and toffee.  in contemplating recipes,  i came across this one from betty crocker and was thrilled to find all three flavors combined together in one little package.  i have to admit i was a bit dubious about the toffee and the mocha, especially when i saw that it was a cake mix that bound it all together.  i’m not one for cake mix cookies.  i feel like they are cheating.  and then, i am a total snob when it comes to ingredients.  sodium stearoyl lactylate anyone? however, i was needing to get these in the mail, time was running short, so i decided to just give it a whirl.  i am so glad that i did.  these were wonderful!  they came together very quickly, had a yummy, gooey texture, a great flavor, and, as far as i know, traveled very well.  i was unable to find instant espresso powder so i just used instant coffee granules instead.  it is possible they lacked a little bit of kick for that reason, but the mocha flavor still came through just fine.  if i were to do these again, and i plan to, i would probably substitute my own chocolate cookie dough recipe for the cake mix just to be able to avoid all the artificial what-have-you and feel a little better about eating them.    they don’t last long and would be great with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  made from scratch, of course.

you can find the recipe here.

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