vintage postcard cookies

i first saw these in a catalog that came through the mail last summer when our kitchen was under construction.  being the huge fan of anything vintage i was instantly wowed by them.  these edible postcard transfers are available through a company called fancy flours.  the images are printed onto an edible paper (think, very very thin communion wafer) then fixed to a cookie.  the result is an amazing, absolutely adorable edible vintage postcard.

the trouble for me was finding a sugar cookie recipe.  i am usually not a huge fan of decorated sugar cookies.  in my opinion, they are pretty to look at but usually lacking in flavor, or overly sweet.   i think i have settled though, on the sugar cookie recipe from the williams-sonoma cookie cookbook.  the recipe is simple: butter, sugar, flour, and egg yolks; but a generous addition of vanilla gives a great flavor.

rolling them out can prove to be a bit tricky  however, as the dough softens pretty quickly.  it helps somewhat to put the cookie sheet, cut out cookies and all, into the fridge for a few minutes before putting them into the oven to bake.  they are not as apt to spread and lose shape.

fancy flours recommends a 3×5″ rectangular cookie cutter just for the postcard cookies.  it proved to be a bit large in transferring the cut cookie to the sheet, and it did spread some  in baking.  to keep a nice shape, i cut them out a second time after baking.  i did this immediately after they were removed from the oven, still soft, and still on the pan.

the directions for the edible paper recommended using either a buttercream or royal icing and i decided to go with the royal so they could be stacked when stored.  the icing needs to be completely dry, and completely smooth.  i learned this the hard way.

the transfers are cut out and affixed to the cookie with clear corn syrup.  i used a pastry brush and carefully brushed the back of each transfer, then gently stuck it to the iced cookie.  it was a bit tricky getting the corners to stick.

as with the sample in the catalog, i used the edible iridescent glitter to finish them off.  not perfect, but for the first try completely acceptable.  we enjoyed them as a finish to our belated saint paddy’s day dinner.

i plan to try these again, piping a border around the edge to compensate for any little corners that don’t stay put and to give it a more polished, less crafty look.   in addition to the saint patrick’s day transfers that i bought, i ordered a set  that look like vintage seed packets.  i will give those shot in a few weeks or so. we may have to have a happy spring party to warrant the excuse for more cookies.   😛




fancy flours

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4 Comments to “vintage postcard cookies”

  1. Ooooo – fun!!!

  2. i really love these! Nice work, Jenny.

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