spring garden clean-up

i love the spring.  i love watching the roses wake up, waiting for the daffodils to bloom, and hounding the vegetable and flower beds for the seeds to sprout and the perennials to start coming back.  marco and i have a sunday evening ritual (weather permitting) of sitting on our back porch with a glass of wine, just enjoying the yard and making plans for the potager and perennial beds.  last night was our first sunday- night-on-the-porch for this year.  these past two or three weeks the weather has been nice enough to get some much needed clean-up done in the yard.  so far we have:

*applied the crab-grass preventor to the front and back.

*raked the neighbor’s leaves out of all of my flower beds (have to confess i did not have happy thoughts towards my neighbor while i did this).

*pruned my apothecary’s rose.

*fertilized my irises.  i’m hoping at least one of the traditional irises that i planted over a year ago will bloom this year.

*moved my false indigo from the shade in the back, to the sunny bed facing west.  i had no idea how much adding a fence would change my landscape.

*weeded out endless patches of henbit.

*enjoyed my daffodils.  mine always seem to be a bit late and i feel “left out” when i see the rest of the neighborhood’s in bloom.  they finally took off last week and i’m thrilled that my idea of planting a group under the dwarf willow worked.  they look so pretty with the light green sprouting leaves of the willow.

*planned my container garden for the back porch.  i had loads of terra-cotta pots last year hosting just this, that, and the other thing.  it was pretty, but not very cohesive.  this year i spent a lot of time choosing plants and trying to follow a color scheme.  i am stoked and hope it works out.

*gone perennial shopping. at this point it is just window shopping.  as i said before, i didn’t realize how much the fence we added last year would change the landscape.  the bed i thought would be in full sun, is now in full shade.  i’m having to rethink it a bit and need some new plants.  so far we’re considering astilbe, and a lovely fern, among other things.

i have yet to:

*clean out, and clean up one of the long beds in the potager.  then i need to plant some asparagus although it will be three years before we harvest any.

*move my dianthus.  i planted these last year: the annual variety.  i didn’t expect to see them again this year, and i am still not sure how i feel about them.  however, they survived the blizzard without so much as losing their leaves.  i feel like they deserve a chance.  they surround the apothecary’s rose and just need a bit of rearranging.

*nurse my tomato seedlings along so they can be planted come tax day.  so far they look great.   we’re hoping for a great harvest of cherokee purples this year.

what is everyone else doing by way of spring gardening?


2 Comments to “spring garden clean-up”

  1. I was reading a book on companion planting last night and realized how much I miss growing things. It’s so fun to read your list! We harvested ONE Cherokee purple tomato last year. Our garden is in a bad spot for tomatoes. Ah well. Some day!

  2. we have adequate sun, but our problem is the heat setting in too soon, and/or spider mites. last year we didn’t get too many before the plants were infested and had to be taken out. my challenge this year is to try to prune them to one stem so they are a bit easier to manage. i’m sort of nervous about it. pruning is overwhelming to me. :/

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