mrs. beeton’s words of wisdom

on daily attire

the dress of the mistress should always be adapted to her circumstances, and be varied with different occasions.  thus at breakfast she should be attired in a very neat and simple manner, wearing no ornaments.  if this dress should decidedly pertain only to the breakfast hour, and be specially suited for such domestic occupations as usually follow that meal, then it would be well to exchange it before the time for receiving visitors if the mistress is in the habit of doing so.  it is still to be remembered, however, that, in changing the dress, jewelry, and ornaments are not to be worn until the full dress for dinner is assumed. further information and hints on the subject of this toilet will appear under the department of the “lady’s maid”.

hope ya’ll are appearing ornament free this morning…

mrs. isabella mary beeton (1836-1865) was one of the first domestic divas; the victorian answer to martha stewart.  she was the author of mrs. beeton’s book of household management published in 1861.  the volume’s 1,112 pages  contain over 900 recipes and numerous hints and bits of advice on running the proper victorian household.  a wife, and mother of four children, she died at the age of 28 following the birth of her fourth child.  to learn more,  i highly recommend the secret life of mrs. beeton.   a tad bit dark, i suggest off-setting it with a cup of tea and a package of milano cookies.


One Comment to “mrs. beeton’s words of wisdom”

  1. HAHAHAHA!!! If I don’t put my earrings on immediately, it might not happen! This is so cute.

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