confessions for a friday morning

*last night was the first tornado warning of the year.  while the wind blew, the sky spit hail, and the sirens blared for approximately one hour, i, like any safe, responsible person should – cleaned the bathroom in full view of a glass window where i could watch the storm.

*my husband is out of town this week.  i can’t sleep when he is gone, so i have stayed up irresponsibly late every night watching  period flicks on my laptop.  now i feel i would like to own a corset.

*i am capable of appreciating other things: my husband has introduced me to the x-files.  i can’t watch them though when i am alone in the house and when there is a thunderstorm.

*the other night i awoke to find my bedroom door glowing.  it took me a while to realize my grow lights in the room across the hall had switched on over the tomatoes.  my first thought was that  it was some sort of paranormal something pottering about in the cluttered room across the hall, come to do whatever it is paranormal somethings do.  this is why  my husband made me promise i would never watch the x-files while home alone.

*last night i slept with the dog as protection against paranormal somethings.  i told myself though that it was for his benefit as he is scared of thunderstorms.

*i have celebrated  the launch of the planting season by buying all sorts of flowers.  i placed a huge order for perennials last week and yesterday i brought home the plants for my container garden.  i realized though, that my back porch will soon be covered with things needing to go in and was overwhelmed at the prospect.  so much so, that i have tagged on to my errands list today  another trip to lowe’s to pick up a few more dianthus while they still have the color i want.

*yes, sometimes i shop at lowe’s.  it is much closer to me  than any other nursery in town.

*my birthday is wednesday.  i am feeling very apprehensive about this.  i will be 39 29.  this is way too close to 40 30 for my comfort.  i still have within me an inner child about the age of seven.  in order to cope, i am allowing this inner child to focus on the important things about birthdays: cake and presents. (which btw will be chocolate ganache cupcakes with seven minute frosting; and another set of grow lights to both scare the liver out of me while home alone at night and to further nurture my obsession with growing things) focusing on these things crowds out the adult who tends to worry too much about things like gray hair, turkey neck, and someday maybe being mistaken for my child’s grandmother.

*i am seriously considering skipping my run today (much needed in anticipation of cupcakes with seven minute frosting) in lieu of potting up some of those plants…


3 Comments to “confessions for a friday morning”

  1. I would totally come celebrate your birthday with you if the distance wasn’t so great. I think you cupcake plan is brilliant and I want some. And I can’t wait to see your beautiful container garden!

  2. This made me giggle! Happy Birthday, Jennifer!

  3. Happy Birthday, Jennifer! You made my day with your confessions. Cracking up over here in Washington. 🙂

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