purple irises

my irises finally bloomed.  my front  yard faces north and is largely dominated by a magnolia tree so while it does get some sun,  many of my plants tend to bloom a little bit later than every one elses.  on the one hand, i start feeling left out when i see my neighbor’s irises in bloom; but on the other hand, it’s nice to have mine just coming out when theirs are starting to finish up.

i can’t remember when i planted these.   it has been a while and they were just a rhizome with tiny shoots when they went in so i’ve had to be content with just the growing foliage for a few seasons.  i have three others, also in shades of purple, but they are still quite young and will not be blooming for a while.  we have had some horribly strong winds this spring and yesterday i was sad to see they knocked one of the blooms down.  i decided to bring it inside where we could enjoy it on the kitchen window sill.  just one bloom and two buds looked very empty in the vase so i brought in some of the ballerina roses, some lamb’s ear, a little bit of salvia, and a few foxglove buds to keep them company.  please look at the flowers and disregard the dirty window.  thanks.


One Comment to “purple irises”

  1. Oooo, I LOVE the picture, windows and all! What a pretty arrangement. Can’t wait to enjoy hand-picked bouquets. Definitely going to plan some irises ASAP!

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