THE long awaited kitchen tour…well almost

part the sixth

when The Trial of the Door came to a close, marco and i began to wonder how much longer we could last with kitchen guy at the helm, navigating a project that was clearly not going to be completed by christmas, or even new years.  we began to talk of letting him go and finding someone else to complete the work.  kitchen guy must have been a fly on the wall the night we had that conversation because he very quickly redeemed himself.  coming to work bright and early one morning, he set  to making the base and wall cabinets needed for the fridge and stove area.  for someone who claimed to never have made a cabinets before, he did an amazing job.  within just a few short hours he assembled cabinetry from brand new materials that fit in seamlessly with the cabinets that were fifty years old.

in addition to the new cabinets being installed, the old ones were refurbished.  new doors were cut  to replace the old warped ones, and hung with new hinges and hardware.   the sides of the drawers were routed out  and retrofitted with  some super-cool tracking gizmo (the proper name escapes me) so that i no longer had wood rubbing against wood creating sawdust in my mixing bowls.

new base cabinet to the left of the stove...

new base cabinet to the left of the fridge, build to match the existing wall cabinet

new wall cabinets above the fridge, built to match the existing wall cabinte to the left (not seen)

drawer opened to reaveal the "track" that was added

since all of the door hardware in the house is brass, we decided that the fixtures and cabinet hardware should be brass as well.  here again, we deviated a bit from the time period (which dictated chrome) but we were taking our cues from the house itself so i was comfortable with that.

i finally felt we were beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

next up was the pantry.  this area had  been a thorn in my flesh since we had moved in.  regardless of how hard i scrubbed and cleaned it always felt filthy, and the paint looked like it had been there since the dawn of time.  the shelves were beginning to bow and the door opened at an awkward angle.  it was also very small.   kitchen guy’s mission:  to replace the shelves, and extend them, making a more efficient use of space; flip the door so that it could be opened to access the contents without cutting me off from the workspace; and finally: to give everything a fresh coat of paint.

for some reason, known only to himself, kitchen guy refused to attack the pantry with the same zeal and fervor that he did the cabinets.  one morning he worked for two hours, then  announced that he was taking a sick leave.  a few hours later i noticed a self-uploaded video come through my facebook news-feed of a plaintive kitchen guy thoughtfully strumming a guitar.  that was the final straw that broke the camel’s back.  it was already apparent we weren’t going to make the christmas deadline.   if we continued this way, and at this rate, i’d be eating fish sticks on the couch until march.


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