THE long awaited kitchen tour…well almost

part the seventh

during kitchen guy’s “sick leave” marco and i pow-wowed.  we decided that the difficult stuff   we really didn’t have the skills to handle were completed and  out of the way.  the counter was being ordered through home depot and would be installed, along with the sink a few days after christmas.  with the pantry close to being finished, all that remained was the painting, and a few simple, final details.  we could handle that.  if we both worked furiously together, we could conceivably paint, move the appliances back in, and cook a rip-roaring new year’s eve dinner.

after four months on a job that could have been done in two, we decided to give kitchen guy his walking papers.  when he returned the following monday,   we informed him that come the end of the week,  we’d be taking it from here on out thankyouverymuch.  i was surprised at how little he resisted.   in spite of his skill and talent he seemed to have lost interest in the project and was all too happy to walk away from it.  marco let him down so gently, i wasn’t even sure he realized he’d been fired.  i was  convinced of this fact when,  several weeks later he appeared at our front door with a new client wanting to come in and show off his work as a real-live portfolio.  hmmmm….

kitchen guy no longer there to hold us back,  marco began to paint the ceiling.  we soon learned why it had been sprayed with a popcorn finish: the surface was a bit uneven.  we wrestled with it for hours, primping, and touching it up here and there before we finally decided to leave it alone.  it was after all, an older home with its charm  and imperfections.  :shrug:  we wanted someone to walk in and say “wow you found this place with the kitchen still intact!” not “so when did you redo the kitchen?” if i had any misgivings about my bumpy ceiling they completely evaporated when we installed the light fixtures. these lovelies are my pride and joy.  ordered from rejuvenation at the start of our lengthy project, we were thrilled to finally be able to hang them up.

next was the painting.  for the next several days we feverishly painted the walls, cabinets, and pantry.  coat after coat of primer inside and out.  then coat after coat of saffron ivory inside and out.  we enlisted the help of my brothers.  we listened to endless hours of jazz to break up the monotony. we paused briefly to have christmas with my family.  then we painted some more, stopping only to inhale very bad take out chicken, tubs of store-bought potato salad and little debbies oatmeal pies.  while one worked on the walls, the other would work on the cabinets and trim.  i honestly thought it would never end.

then the counter arrived.  we had spent hours deliberating over this  surface. linoleum? tile? granite? corian? laminate?    had i wanted to be truly authentic, i’d have gone with linoleum, but that just didn’t jive.  it was too weird, and it made me feel ick to have the same surface on the counter that i would have on the floor.   another authentic choice we really liked was tile.  but i wanted a completely smooth surface for rolling out pie crust and cookie dough.  granite was too modern looking and the color schemes didn’t seem to work.  in the end we decided on silestone as it offered durability in a range of colors.  but which color?  we struggled to agree.    yellow? pale yellow?  red?  dark or light? solid or variegated?  if ever you want to test the negotiating skills in your marriage: remodel your kitchen.  we finally agreed on white, as it fit our monochromatic color scheme.  well….. we thought it was white, but while it was being unloaded from the truck it looked like a putty gray.   i panicked. i spent the morning posting minute by minute updates on facebook enlisting the emotional support of my friends and fighting the urge to pour myself a pomegranate martini.

then, if that wasn’t enough the installation guy decided that my sink wasn’t going to fit.  for some reason, years ago, when the kitchen was modernized with a garbage disposal the switch was put on the apron front of the sink.  he couldn’t drop in the sink for the box.   he was being very disagreeable about it and was just going to walk away, leaving me with a hole in the counter and a  special order sink i couldn’t really take back.  marco intervened and graciously asked him to stay long enough while he removed the switch box giving just enough room to drop in the sink.  he agreed and eventually we replaced the switch under the cabinet.  a bit of an odd location for a switch, but it works.

this special order sink was another item we had deliberated over.  many of the vintage ads we referred to for inspiration showed a free standing farmhouse sink with a drainboard.

i absolutely loved these but there was no room in my tiny kitchen for a monstrous piece of porcelain that big.  even if there was, we weren’t sure how we’d get it through the front door.  we thought perhaps an apron front porcelain sink would be a good alternative after cutting down the cabinet doors to accommodate for the depth.  however, by the time we made our decision the cabinet doors were finished and paid for (the one time kitchen guy’s lackadaisical approach might have worked to our advantage) .  in the end i went with a kohler 9″ white cast iron basin.  i had no idea what a difference 1″ would make in the depth.  i love that i can fill it up with dirty dishes that remain concealed at the bottom.  no one coming into the kitchen has any idea that i had no time to load the dishwasher.  a brass faucet with white porcelain keys completed the look.  i knew we had gotten it right when my grandma saw it and said it looked just like the faucet from her childhood home; and in the end, when all was said and done, the countertop color worked just fine.

up next….the FINAL installment of our saga (anyone still reading??) with the before and after pics.


3 Comments to “THE long awaited kitchen tour…well almost”

  1. Taking lots of notes here….I love the lights!

  2. Still reading! You are making me wish I could make some changes to my kitchen…

  3. heck yes I’m still reading! 🙂

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