i received this nifty journal as a gift last year for my birthday.

being a collector of all things bird related i couldn’t help but admire the color of the cover in robin’s egg blue (i realize some people may call this “teal”.  it is not.  it is robin’s egg blue).   this is a five year journal, with each page featuring one day over the course of five years.

as of this week, every single space from may of 2010 to may of 2011 is filled in.  i feel very accomplished.  this is not to say that i recorded the day’s events every single night before going to bed.  there were some evenings that i was lax and later had to go back and catch up.  this does mean though that every single day of my life over the past year has been accounted for.  i didn’t write anything very grand –  nothing very detailed or particularly moving.  there isn’t a lot of space to wax introspective.  much of what i recorded were very simple things: the weather, what was blooming in the garden, something special i fixed for dinner, a visit i had with a friend or a family member.  in my opinion however, it is these simple things, these single threads, that make up the fabric of a life.  these little details are what i will enjoy reflecting on as i continue to fill in the spaces of the next four years.

do you keep a journal or a diary?


4 Comments to “journal”

  1. I love that idea. I could definitely keep up with something like that. Especially these days when my thoughts seem to be composed in status updates (sheepish). But no, I have never been good at keeping a journal. Except when John and I were apart for 4 months during courtship, THEN I kept a journal daily, and gave it to him on my return.

  2. up until last year i hadn’t been good at keeping a journal either. what i like about this one is that the space for each day is very small. in fact, the title (which you can’t see very well) is “one line a day”. it usually takes less than five minutes to jot down anything significant. i try to keep in on my nightstand where i can write every night. my grandmother was my inspiration for keeping a diary. when she died we discovered boxes of diaries like these that recorded (very simply) her life over the course of several decades. they are priceless.

  3. What a cool journal concept! I like that. Where did your gift-giver find it? I love journaling, but am much less consistent with it than I used to be. Pre-marriage, jobs and kids. 🙂 But I love having records of life….like you said about your grandmother. Its precious for later generations to know what life was like. That’s why I love blogging too. the other day I found myself wishing my mom had a blog from when we were kids so I could read what her life was like in the same place in life I find myself now.

    • i got it from my sister and i am not exactly sure where she got it. pottery barn carried it a few months ago but i’m not finding it on their website atm. i think any bookstore would have something like it.

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