THE long awaited kitchen tour…for reals this time. before and after photos included

walls painted tea room yellow? check.

woodwork and trim painted saffron ivory? check.

pantry shelves completed? check.

ceiling painted? light fixtures mounted? sink and counter installed? check. check. check.

in the early evening of december 31, with enough completed to make for a functional kitchen, we wheeled in the stove and refrigerator, and replaced the table and chairs.  we cooked a mean beef stroganoff and toasted to 2011 in our brand new kitchen.  it had taken all of four months.  looking at that length of time in print, it doesn’t seem that long.  but four months for a foodie to be eating cold cereal while living in a pile of rubble is an eternity.

it took just another two weeks to add some final touches: the painting of the pantry,  cabinet catches, a pull out cutting board, and then of course the moving back in.   there are still a few things yet that need to be taken care of: the vintage red phone is purchased but needs to be hung.  i also have some artwork to go up but i am waiting until the newness of my painted walls wears off and i am brave enough to pound holes in them.

am i glad we did it?  ::big sigh:: yes. as soon as i hung my yellow floral curtains, and took it all in with the ivory and yellow color scheme i was thrilled.  the kitchen has become one of our favorite rooms in the house.  i look forward to coming in here every morning to start the day.

would i do it again?  wayalllll…….i..dunno.  lets just say that our master bath is in need of a major redo.  before the kitchen i was all gung ho on getting it done asap.  now, i’m starting to think it really isn’t so bad the way it  is.

i leave you with the before and after photos (please remember i am not a photographer); as well as a few other details.

"before" shot of the breakfast nook

breakfast nook, after

"before" shot of refrigerator and adjacent cabinet

...and after. note the rolling kitchen island was replaced with a built in base cabinet

additional wall cabinets added above

stove area before

...and after

sink and countertop area before

...and after

laundry room

the pantry with additional shelving added (difficult to see, but narrow shelves were added on the wall opposite the door when it is closed)

i still do not have a terrible amount of cupboard and counterspace. what i do have needs to be used efficiently. my mom got me these great canisters. flour and sugar are stored on the counter leaving more room in the cupboard. i still have enough prep space.

the cabinets reach all the way to the celing. so while there aren't many, they do provide a lot of storage. this is my baking station.

pull out cutting board also provides additional work surface. this is another prep station.

my built in corner cabinets store serving pieces

kitchen guy wanted me to get rid of the curlicues but i stood my ground.

just showing off the under cabinet lighting and my darling lamp above the sink

and here is our vintage door; sanded down and repainted. the knob is original and was cleaned up, buffed, and polished

thanks for stopping by!  🙂


8 Comments to “THE long awaited kitchen tour…for reals this time. before and after photos included”

  1. Oh so cute!

  2. I love how the yellow paint makes the space seem bigger, and how the tile & curtains totally accent the vintage celebration you have going in your kitchen. it. Even if it was torture for you to actually get the work done :-P.

    I say go ahead w/ the bathroom. Just don’t hire Kitchen Guy to do it for ya ;-).

  3. Oh my goodness – I love your new kitchen table and chairs – it is perfect all around!

  4. Its beautiful Jenny! I love it! Enjoy it, cuz you sure have earned it!

  5. So pretty! It sure came out really nice.

  6. Oh wow. It’s pretty. 🙂 It’s YOU. I love the laundry room! So fresh and bright. Everything is so so perfect!

  7. Oh my goodness. I LOVE it. I am envisioning my kitchen either painted yellow with blue accents or blue with yellow accents. Now I’m leaning toward yellow!

  8. I love it, Jenny!

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