new shoes

i like to run.

i like that it affords me the luxury of being able to eat just about anything i want.

i have practiced running as a form of exercise off and on since i was ten years old.  mind you, i haven’t always enjoyed it.  for years, as soon as i would get started i wondered why on earth i was doing this thing and how long before i could stop.  i actually quit for several years before deciding to take it back up again.

my running reprisal happened about three years ago.  i decided that i would commit to running for at least five minutes, three days a week.  after that i added on five more minutes, then five more – after a few months i had worked up the distance and was able to complete my first 5k.  now i run about a 5 mile route, twice a week (walking on the off days) with a long slow run on the weekend.  slow being the key word here.  i don’t run fast, but as you can see i can run far if i set my mind to it.  i also do not have the willowy build of a runner.  this is very hard for me sometimes to accept when along my route i encounter some tiny wisp of a thing lookin’ great in a pair of blue shorts.  it is all i can do not to mutter under my breath “i may be wearing an extra large t-shirt sweetheart but i’ve been out here twice as long as you have i bet…”

i have learned the hard way that one cannot skimp when buying a pair of running shoes.  my first pair were bought on clearance and were not actually “running” shoes.  i figured a pair of teva walking shoes was close enough. hahahahahahaaaaaahaha.  ahem.  the shin splints i developed were so bad i had to take a month off.  then i bought a pair of real running shoes.  i just recently wore those out and replaced them with these:

aren’t they pretty?  i love the hot pink trim.

when i was little i thought that new shoes would make me run faster.  i mentioned this to an uncle who immediately put me and my new shoes to the challenge – we ran a foot race in the backyard.  i lost.  i thought all grown-ups were supposed to let little children win.  i still do not think very much of this uncle.

i think there is some truth though to having a new pair of shoes.  maybe it was just the pink stripes, but after weeks of running in a broken down pair, i could swear i made much better time the first time i took these out last saturday.


4 Comments to “new shoes”

  1. David would definitely agree with you on the new shoes helping you run faster! 🙂 Maybe some pretty running shoes would induce me to run…but probably not.;) I certainly admire your running skills though–you do a great job!

  2. Enjoyable reading, Jen. Got home last night; see you soon.


  3. Love them! I love getting new running shoes, they definitely add a spring in my step. It’s been at least a couple years for me, and I always have a hard time keeping track and knowing when to buy new ones.

  4. Fabulous new shoes indeed! They would totally inspire me. 🙂 I’m not a runner but I love walking and hiking. 🙂

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