progress report on my vegetable garden

this hasn’t been a very easy spring.  one weekend it was up to 90 degrees or thereabouts and the next weekend it was back down in the 50’s.  i have actually lost a few potted pentas, for which i take the blame: i should have known better than to put them out when the weather was that cool.  i’ve also noticed a lot of thrip damage and have had to start spraying for them.  other than that, things are coming along as well as can be.

here is a view of the long bed. this is the spring version.  in june, the peas and lettuce will be replaced with zucchini and boxwood basil, currently coming along just fine under the grow lights; and also some scarlet runner beans which will be sown directly in the bed.   now, please bear in mind that this is all an unfinished work in progress.  we still plan to put stones around the perimeter; and that circular bed in back with a utility flag and grass growing up around will be cleared out to make way for a two tiered rock garden.  but not by next week.  we’re talking long term here…so bear with  me.

here is a close up of the black seeded simpson lettuce, i believe…..or is it salad bowl?  this is why one should always label their crops.  back in the corner is a cherokee purple tomato flanked by red zinnias and some sunflowers.  this year i decided to experiment by growing cutting  flowers for the table in with my vegetables.  in the row, along the side is some overgrown arugula; overgrown, but still quite tasty.

and here we have salad bowl…or is it black seeded simpson and forellenschluss flanked by rows of the overgrown arugula and red leaf lettuce.  also overgrown.  in the back are more cherokee purple tomatoes and some blue batcheor’s buttons.

and here are the peas which the thrips (or something quite like a thrip) seem to think we have planted just for them.

here is a close-up of my amish deer tongue lettuce.  it still has a little bit of growing to do but i love the way the triangular shaped leaves grow in a spiral fashion.  i had really hoped more of these would come up.  not quite sure why they weren’t as prolific as the arugula…

and here is a patch of forellenschluss that is coming along quite nicely.  also another tomato plant, a red zinnia (the other one didn’t survive the fluctuations in the weather) and a struggling sunflower sprout (again, the weather).

i leave you with my tomato patches.  here are the pepper plant and plum tomatoes; also with the red zinnias and bachelor’s buttons.

and, a birthday gift from my sister: more cherokee purples and some celebrities.   and of course, the red zinnias and blue bachelor’s buttons.

not pictured: my struggling beets, some leftover chard, a very young asparagus bed, and my apothecary’s rose.  they weren’t pretty enough to be photographed.

so whaddya think?  think it will work?


4 Comments to “progress report on my vegetable garden”

  1. what kind of peas did you plant? i planted snowpeas but they’re starting to looking like that can’t take the heat and are turing yellow (the leaves). maybe they’re a cold weather plant. i need one of those things for them to grown on. they’re just lying there on the ground.

    • nope. peas don’t like hot weather. i planted super sugar snap peas that i got from burpee. this is the second year we’ve tried them and have always had pretty good success. the trellis came from park seed. it works great.

  2. Looks great!

  3. how wonderful!! Alas my little yard does not get enough sunshine for anything but the most hardy of plants – like chives and thyme. But when I move to Australia I will be able to garden to my hearts content. Can’t wait! 🙂

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