ten random things about ollie…

  1. we brought ollie home from a pet rescue in prague oklahoma.  on the way there, we got lost and asked for directions.  my husband asked the lady at the gas station if she knew the way to prahhhhhg.  she had no idea what we were talking about.  we were ready to leave when i suggested he try asking for praaayg.  that did the trick.

2 .having been mistreated and abandoned in a locked garage.  ollie came to us with several issues. he didn’t like loud noises.  he couldn’t walk on a leash without panicking.  he liked to crawl into small spaces and stay there for a bit.  he liked drapey things on his head.  most of these he worked through.  he still however, likes to have drapey things on his head.

3. ollie has an outie belly button.  no joke.

4. when ollie wants attention or to be scratched he grunts like a pig.

5.ollie from time to time will suck on the ears of willoughby, his older brother.  i have no idea why he does this.  willoughby doesn’t either.

6.ollie likes to sit on the bed, but he can’t get down.  once ollie decided to crawl under the bed, but he is so chubby he got stuck.  it took us a while to find him, and by then he was in a panic.  he does not crawl under the bed anymore.

7.occasionally ollie will bark at his food.  but only at night.

8.for a long time we thought ollie was a shih tzu and couldn’t figure out why his nose wasn’t as compact as willoughby’s.  then we saw a havanese on a dog show on television.  it looked just like ollie.  after doing some research on the breed, we decided ollie is probably more than likely a havanese.

9.how an expensive breed like that came to be locked in a garage and then ended up in a place like prague (prounounced praaayg) i don’t know.

10.when ollie is told it is time for bed, he goes to get a loooooong drink of water.  we used to allow this until one night, he wet the bed. (his, not ours)

11. #9 was not a random fact so here is the final one: ollie can climb upstairs, but he can’t climb down.  recently however, we learned he has a bad back and has been permanently banned from climbing the stairs.  for a lazy, chubby little guy like ollie, this is no problem.


One Comment to “ten random things about ollie…”

  1. Love the pictures and hearing more about that crazy adorable little guy!

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