favorite cups

having talked about our favorite yellow tea pot, i thought i would devote a post to our favorite “his and hers” teacups.

marco and i had our first date at the hotel del coronado in san diego california.  i plan at some point to write about the details of our courtship but for now, suffice it to say that we met online and when we knew it was serious, marco flew me out to to california to meet him in person.  we got engaged about 48 hours later.

what does this have to do with teacups.

i’m getting there.

the year previously, i had been in california with my family while we attended to some business that had to do with our work in central america. we spent a day in san diego and walked through the lovely lobby area of the hotel del coronado.   being a huge high tea enthusiast i noticed that palm court was being set for afternoon tea.  i swooned.  there was no time however to stop, so i just stood and admired before moving on.

a year later, after marco and i had just met, i recounted this to him.  shortly after making my travel arrangements, marco told me that he had made a reservation for us to have sunday afternoon high tea at palm court.   the details of that wonderful afternoon on our first date are reserved for another post at another time, but i will say now that it was lovely.  i still remember sitting in that sunny palm court at our reserved table, eating duck confit canapes, scones, and sharing a pot of tea.  it set the stage for many great years to come.

so fast forward then through the wedding, the honeymoon, and on through about the first four years or so of marriage.  one morning at breakfast while each of us are browsing the news on our respective laptops, i hear a gasp.  marco claims he has found the perfect valentine’s day gift, from an uber-cool online store featuring all sorts of fabulous vintage stuff.   after a few weeks of secretive behavior, and a mysterious package i discovered what the gift was.

on valentine’s day morning, he woke me up with a cup of tea – served in the vintage china from the hotel del coronado.  it was priceless.

since then, every morning that we are together, we share several pots of tea drinking from our special cups.  it has become a sacred part of our morning ritual.

marco travels often, and on those weeks that we are apart, the cups stay up in the cabinet.  but when he comes home, they come back down and we resume the ritual.

every once in a while i panic that something might happen to them.  i have never seen any others like it and they could possibly be irreplaceable.  i have mentioned this several times to marco and wondered aloud if we should lock them up in a china cabinet.  his response – that would be a catastrophe.   the pleasure we have in using them every morning is well worth it.

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2 Comments to “favorite cups”

  1. That is so cool! Best story ever, what fun.

  2. So sweet! What a story.

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