it’s the little things…

that sometimes make life so much easier.

like new burner grates for my stove…

and a new set of  basin racks for my sink.


i love my stove but shortly after we purchased it, the enamel began to chip off the burner grates.  they were also a light gray color that was all too soon spotted with grease.  regardless of how hard i tried, i could not get them clean.

i love my sink but shortly after we purchased it and had it installed, i noticed that the “no stain” cast iron basin  had developed metal marks from washing pots and pans.  this required a special cleaner applied with a special method.  this special cleaner applied with the special method had to be used almost every evening.  it was getting to be too much.  since i have a fancy schmancy basin shape i needed specialized basin racks which kohler was very happy to provide (through ebay that is).

so the burner grates and the basin racks were a special gift from my husband this week just to make my kitchen sparkle a little extra.

now i don’t want to cook or wash dishes so as not to wear off the newness.




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