so what’s next?

now that we have finished the kitchen, i am ready to move onto another project.  the question is which project.  there are several things that i would like to see done.  after we started to paint the kitchen, it felt so good to have fresh paint on the walls and trim.  so good, that i decided i would like to just paint the rest of the rooms downstairs. now, i am not a plain white walls sortofagal, no siree.  i like color. lots of it.  so i’ve been tossing around visions of  a crimson entry, flanked by a gold dining room and a williamsburg blue living room. (don’t say “ew” it will work, i promise) then i decided i want to rearrange and reupholster the living room furniture in white chino and blue toile (or have slipcovers made).  marco and i are still debating as to whether or not white furniture is a wise idea at this point in our lives. we also need to redo our master bath.

in light of those being such behemoth projects, i have decided to tackle the smaller, more manageable area of the two back rooms which also needs serious attention.   now these little rooms are a bit odd as they adjoin; and the room off the kitchen was divided into two to make space for a laundry room.  normally i don’t care for rooms that adjoin, and in house shopping i tended to promptly cross off the list any home that had an addition, that led to another addition, that led to another addition, and so on.  the one redeeming factor for this house was that the connected rooms were the original intent of the architect.  these rooms need to be decluttered, re-organized, and painted.  one room needs some new furniture, the existing furniture recovered, and another room needs new drapes.  (did i say this was a smaller, more manageable project?)

i have christened this The Project of the Two Rooms.  a little later on i will give a tour of these rooms as well as their frightful cluttered contents, further ideas of what i hope to do with them, and detailed updates on our progress.

this morning though, i leave you with a shot of the closet door in the room we call the den.

the closet here will be a craft closet and desperately needs to be cleaned out and reorganized.  behind that door are all of my holiday decorations, a set of knives i no longer use, seasonal wreathes for the front door, my wedding gown still needing to be cleaned (we’ve been married nearly seven years), my mother’s wedding gown that i was holding for her until she moved (they settled into their new home a year and a half ago), a dress i wore to one of my bridal showers, a broken child’s table, and bingley’s propeller beanie.

this door stays closed.

i do not have the emotional stamina to confront what lies behind it.  but this morning i am going to summon that stamina and begin chipping away at this project while my husband is out of town. this is the week to begin The Project of the Two Rooms, and it all begins here.

wish me luck…


5 Comments to “so what’s next?”

  1. I read some blog post recently about how to do white furniture when you have kids or pets. The biggest thing was to have washable slipcovers. I have ONE white chair with such a cover, from Ikea (Ektorp) and I love it. It gets dirty withing days of washing it, but at least I know that if I have company coming or something….or if it’s been a while…it’s not too huge an ordeal to wash it. And it washed up beautifully.

    What is Williamsburg blue? Sounds heavenly. I was watching the first part of Grey Gardens last night and saw a lovely blue room that I’m considering for our front room. Darker a bit than a royal blue. Not sure how to describe it but I think it would be amazing with white trim (or even better, white board and batten or the like on the lower half).

  2. i don’t know if “williamsburg” is the right name for the tone i am thinking of but i have in mind a sort of gray meets navy shade. kind of a chalky, stormy blue but not quite as dark. williamsburg might evoke memories of country blue from the ’80s and ’90s. that is just how i think of it since our living area is decidedly traditional colonial. like you said, the white trim is what gets me excited about it. we have white shutters, white baseboard, very narrow crown molding, and our white fireplace.

    i will keep in mind what you said about the slip covers. that is good to know that they wash up nice. i guess i would just need to find a stain repellent fabric. and then there is the time to make them -gah. that is one thing i said i would never do again.

    i am going to have to see what grey gardens is…

  3. I have a closet (or 2 or 3) like that, and I also haven’t cleaned my wedding dress–I’m glad I’m not the only one with a wedding dress hanging around for that long without cleaning it! 😉 I love the colors you’re considering–I think they would look beautiful. Good luck on your organizing this week!

  4. Check out – I think she has easy instructions on making slipcovers. It might be an eBook you have to pay for though, I don’t know. But I read about her on another blog and saw some pictures.

  5. Those colors sound amazing! Wish I could be so brave. I’m still figuring out how to paint my living room with 2 little kids running around. Wanna come help out? 🙂

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