confessions for a friday morning…

* yesterday i hurried up to finish the housework so i could sit down and finish a  movie.  the movie was a historical drama so of course, i knew the end (anne boleyn was beheaded) but i had to see the end all the same.

*the fact that poor anne lost her head because she could not produce an heir is very unsettling. it makes me grateful not to be a queen during the tudor era.

*today there was only a 20% chance of rain.  but it rained.  this little something, coming on the heels of a long awaited phone call that brought some good news has given me a peace that i have not felt in a long time.

*being the super wife that i am who is always fully aware of her husband’s schedule and all his busy comings and goings was totally unaware that he will not be traveling next week.  i have not stocked up on groceries and i have not planned any meals.

*i am a plant junkie.  i needed just one little plant to replace a penta that did not make it through our crazy weather transition from cold to very hot in less than a week. when i went shopping for the one replacement  i came home with three.  in addition to the replacement penta the other two were lantanas.  i bought a red one at a little nursery down the street.  then i went to lowe’s and saw a white one.  i decided i needed that one too.

*yesterday i made mocha chip ice cream from scratch.  having tasted the homemade i don’t think i can ever go back to the other stuff.

*tonight is date night.  we’re having a lovely mushroom risotto.


2 Comments to “confessions for a friday morning…”

  1. Awe – yay for good news and rain. : )

  2. I don’t think you can have too many lantanas!
    Would you post a recipe for the ice cream? Sounds like something my family would love!!

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