the project of the two rooms

last week i mentioned here a project that i would like to work on over the summer now that we have completed our kitchen.  i set aside one full day to conquer the scary closet and within two hours, i had most things cleared out, and sorted through.  i was too busy (ok i admit the truth: i was too ashamed) to take any before pictures but here are some after shots.

i still have some clothing that needs to be sorted but the shelf above is organized and here is the other half:

entirely empty, rid of the holiday decorations that were taken upstairs to the attic, and ready to house my craft and sewing supplies.  this was quite an accomplishment.

the next step is to begin de cluttering and decide what will occupy this empty space.  if you recall from the story of our house, the room off of our kitchen was divided in two to make space for a separate laundry room.

so here is the laundry room:

and we pass through the doorway

into this little room (moving around in a clockwise direction):

east wall with the desk and art cart,

south facing window,

doggie beds on the west side,

and on the north wall, a very old dresser i spray painted, but painted horribly.  i don’t paint furniture anymore.

this is what needs to be decluttered.  this little room is in limbo right now.  it was to have been the nursery when we were planning to adopt.  should things work out the way we hope this fall or thereabouts (ish) we may still be on for a nursery.  if it becomes a nursery the walls will be painted bunny rabbit brown and hung with beatrix potter wallpaper.  if things do not work out as we hope jenny will toss back a few pomegranate martinis, take a deep breath, pull it together,  and this will become a very nice office for the lady of the house (me).  if it becomes an office, the walls will be painted crimson.  either way the popcorn ceiling needs to be removed and the light fixture needs to be replaced and centered properly, something the former homeowner failed to do when splitting the room in two.

it also needs new drapes.  even though this little room is in a state of limbo i have decided to go ahead and bring in/rearrange the furniture for the office scenario.  the rocking chair obviously was for the nursery scenario and given to us specifically for that purpose.  i’m not sure what to do with it.  it…..sort of bothers me but it has sentimental value so i don’t want to put it away.

this room, much like the den closet has scared me because of the debris that accumulated with the kitchen remodel.  debris that includes a lone stock pot that i need but have no place to put.  the desk will stay in this room, as well as the doggie gear.  in will come a white shabby chic mirrored dresser to hold gardening supplies.

  i am also toying with the idea of bringing the grow lights in here as well.

the contents of the dresser will be downsized, and the dresser will be given away.

the messy craft cart will also be downsized and moved to occupy part of the blank space in the newly cleaned out closet.

moved to the den closet because this room…….has no closet.  well not much of one as you can see.

someone at some point thought it would be a grand idea to house the furnace and hot water heater in here.  so here it is.   there is small space however to convert this into a “broom closet” of sorts so that is the plan.  that is the plan even if this becomes a nursery because i’ve nowhere else to store the broom and mop bucket.  yes, that is odd to have in a nursery but we plan to keep the door closed. no one will ever know.

because this project is so big (in my opinion) and this room is such a mess (i’m sure you share my opinion there) i’ve decided to break it down into baby steps.

step 1: downsize the art cart.

now, my husband is home this week so my priorities are a little different and i may or may  not be able get it done, but i will keep you posted.


One Comment to “the project of the two rooms”

  1. I love it! Works in progress are so encouraging. I however, will NOT be posting mine anywhere. Your messes look like organized chaos. Mine are just plain old chaos.

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