confessions for a friday morning…

* i rearranged the living room furniture while my husband was on a business trip.  i have been thinking about this rearrangement for about three months.  now that it is finally done………..i don’t like it.

* after the big switcheroo, there were numerous dust bunnies on the floor where bookshelves and heavy chairs had been previously.  i was so discouraged and hot after moving things around that i ignored them.  since then, they have been consumed by doggies.

* up to this point i have been completely content with my furniture.   however, now i am starting to think that the arrangement isn’t so much the room but the fact that i need a new sofa.  then if one purchases a new sofa, one must need new chairs, then there are the end tables….

* i have been using the insufferable heat as an excuse for getting out of just about anything except lying under a ceiling fan set to “high”.  it is too hot to run, too hot to go for a walk, too hot to do yoga, too hot to fold laundry.

* in an effort to organize the downstairs, everything i don’t know what to do with but am not ready to get rid of is simply put upstairs.  the result is beginning to look like a large storage warehouse full of all sorts of random objects from a pair of gym shoes to canning jars.  it is frightening.  and hot up there.  i refuse to face up to the fact that some day i really am going to have to deal with that mess.  meanwhile i continue to just carry things up and leave them on the first empty space i see before running back downstairs and slamming the door.  last night it was a pair of cushions.

* earlier this week i watched true grit.  i was so enamored with their antiquated manner of speech that i have contemplated dropping contractions from my vocabulary altogether.  instead of just saying “i’m going to….” or “i don’t”  i will take the extra time to spit out “i. am…”  or “i. do. not…”  just like a true texas ranger.

* every summer when the heat climbs to 100 degrees and then some, i wonder why on earth i ever decided to take up gardening.  the garden grows, but it is too hot to tend to it.  weeds and pests abound and the tomatoes flop over uprooting their cages.  the pristine image i have of a cozy cottage garden is completely shattered.

* wednesday i attended a meeting at the home of a fellow gardener.  her garden looks like the cover of a coffee table book.  instead of being happy for her i was consumed with garden envy.  i nearly sat down in the middle of her tiny eden and cried.

* my shasta daisies are dying of some sort of disease i can’t identify.  daisies are a weed.  who kills their daisies?  this is hitting me really hard.

* once a month i go to the doctor for an injection that is supposed to straighten out my whacked  hormones.  an additional perk: this stuff acts as a truth serum.  i suddenly have the courage to speak my mind.  i’m hoping the stuff will perform its magic today while i work a volunteer shift with someone who previously said some derogatory things about home-schooling.  little does she know the person she works with today is very different from the person she worked with a few months ago.  bwaaaaaaaaahahahaa!

* this morning i was in automatic mode.  or something like that.  i think it was the heat. i decided to fix boiled eggs for breakfast.  i like mine hard and my husband likes his soft.  in order to distinguish one from the other, i marked mine.  not with an “x”, not with a “j” but with a “b”.  “b” for boiled.  go figure.


4 Comments to “confessions for a friday morning…”

  1. You go, Jenny. =) This whole post makes me smile. Why can’t we live next door to each other?

  2. i admire your pluck and attempts to garden at all…today its nearly 100 here and I cannot imagine actually being successful keeping plants alive in this heat and sun day after day. I’m firmly ensconced in my cool, A/C’d house…loathe to leave for anything other than bare necessities.

    I loved True Grit. I want to read the book and watch the old John Wayne version too. The antiquated language brought joy to my soul as well.

    and LOL about the truth serum/hormone therapy. I wish I could be a fly on the wall to hear that conversation!

  3. Love this! Please let us know how it goes with the grouchy woman!! I am filled with curiosity. I have a list of zingers ready for those who choose to offer their unwanted opinions about the education of our children. Unfortunately, now that I am armed and ready, people are keeping their mouths shut. Sigh.

  4. You have such a way with words. When I read your blog, I feel like I’m sitting there talking with you!

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