july 5

i have a post due on a project that marco is working on in our back yard but today i am recovering from a lovely forth of july weekend and trying to pull it all back together.  i have errands that need to be run, a bed that needs to be made, and laundry that needs to be folded.  among many other things.  truth be told i’d rather help myself to another piece of blueberry buttermilk cake and curl up with a pot of tea.

we like to drag the holidays out, just ‘cuz that’s what we do so our independence day activities started on sunday.  our church always does a lovely and somewhat elaborate service with patriotic music, lots of flags, and a recognition of the armed forces.  after coming home to put together some strawberry shortcake, we then went to my parents’ for the evening where we had a picnic and caught a neighborhood fireworks display.

we kicked off yesterday with blueberry pancakes before marco headed out to work in the yard.  we ended the day with a picnic of our own: boneless ribeye, baked potatoes (yes, i am aware it is way to hot to be heating my oven to 400 but i couldn’t resist), and a corn salad of my own creation.  for dessert we had that buttermilk blueberry cake.

every holiday around here has a traditional cocktail and independence day is no exception – mojitoes; this year made with mint from our garden.  we sipped these on our front porch while watching the neighbor’s illegal display of fireworks.  unfortunately he was only able to afford two but they were some real humdingers.  willoughby capped off the evening’s entertainment by running smack into the glass door when it was time to go inside.  for a while there, his mr. cool image was hilariously humiliated.

hope everyone had a lovely july 4th.


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