summer vacation – the walk

so first we had the wall, now we turn our attention to the wal-k. get it?

ok well, when marco finished constructing our little stone wall, he mopped his brow, took a deep breath, and immediately turned his attention to re-doing a little walkway.

i honestly don’t remember if this little path was the idea of a homeowner in the past or mine.  i can’t find any pictures either to jog my memory. that first summer though that we cleaned up the yard, we did find some flag stone and arranged it to form a little path from the gate to the back porch.  it was however, hastily constructed and over time wore down and began to shift apart.

we had also decided that it would be nice to extend it out the gate and the remaining two feet or so (remember i am not so brilliant anymore at calculating distance so that estimated two feet may very well be ten.) to the driveway.  we used the garden hose to mark out the curve of the path.

we have a cute little arched gate, one that hangs crooked thanks to our fabulous fence company, and on it i hung a quaint little sign marked “garden” just in case anyone wonders what is on the other side of it.

we arranged for the path to lead up to that, flanked on either side by  a narrow strip of grass between the driveway and the fence.  since we are not huge fans of grass, this will eventually be replaced by a wedge shaped flower bed.  hollyhocks will be clustered against the fence, just at the gate entrance.

since the week grew progressively hotter, my pictures grew fewer.  i’d dash out, snap one, then run inside and spend the next two hours trying to cool down.   my poor husband’s task however, was not as easy.

first he had to dig a trench and remove a bit of sod.  when one has bermuda grass, this is much easier said than done.  the dirt was to be used to line the bottom of the flower bed on the other side of the wall which meant it had to be carted in a wheelbarrow from one side of the yard to the other.  also much easier said than done.

then the trench was lined with landscaping fabric followed by a few inches of sand.  since this required a lot of sand, and we do not have a pick-up, each day started with a run to lowe’s to gather the needed materials.   a border of steel edging held everything together.


once the sand was laid and smoothed my help was recruited to decide where and how the stone should be placed.  this was actually kind of fun and  reminded me something of the parquetry blocks i played with as a child.

anyone else play with parquetry blocks?

no one? hm.

the final task was the most difficult in my opinion.  the actual placing of the stone.  since not all stones were of the same depth, each had to be leveled individually.  very detailed. very tiresome.  in the end though the hard work paid off – the little stone path looks great.

now just imagine this  leading through a fabulous flower bed with lavender bordering the path.


2 Comments to “summer vacation – the walk”

  1. I just love your updates. Never heard of parquetry blocks but sounds like the kind of thing I’d have been into. Loving the picture in my head of hollyhocks and lavender!!!

  2. Gorgeous! You guys are so cute and creative. 😉

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