my mayonnaise problem…

one of the biggest challenges i have experienced so far in our real food endeavor is believe it or not:  mayonnaise.  while i really like mayo we aren’t huge consumers of the stuff; it takes us a good few months to work our way through one of the smaller sized jars.

when i was first married i discovered the homemade variety and fell in love with it.  chicken salad made with homemade-from-scratch mayonnaise is. to. die for.  the fact though that it has to be eaten within two weeks, has me reluctant to whip it up on a regular basis.  at the same time it isn’t all that fast and easy to put together and clean up.  since tuna salad is one of my go-to lunches when i am in a hurry, getting out the food processor, juicing a lemon, and cracking eggs is not something i want to do when i need to have something on the table in fifteen minutes flat.

before we began switching over to all organic unprocessed and all that jazz, i found this:

we love it.

since the label said “olive oil” i was tricked into believing we were ingesting something healthy.  however in much smaller print, the label also has a running list of ingredients i have never heard of and cannot pronounce.  so one afternoon i decided to try my hand at making my own version of olive oil mayonnaise.  i quickly learned why the recipe in my bride and groom cookbook specifically called for “vegetable oil”.  the result was a beautiful, golden, unpalatable mess.  who knew olive oil turned rancid when put through a food processor?  ok well i didn’t.

in an effort to compromise i bought this:

yes, it uses canola oil which we’ve tried to avoid but it has few ingredients, and ones that i can pronounce and am familiar with.

i don’t like it.

i’m not quite sure what to do.

quit eating mayonnaise altogether?

make an olive oil version that is whisked by hand thereby keeping the oil fresh and sweet?  (haha, um. no)

use safflower or coconut oil resulting in something we don’t like and probably won’t eat?

make it fresh but use canola oil and just look the other way while pouring it into the blender?


continue to eat our favorite poison variety and just ignore the label?

i have to confess i am leaning towards the latter.


3 Comments to “my mayonnaise problem…”

  1. I’ve often wondered what the expiration date is for homemade mayo. I don’t ever pay attention to it with mine and we’ve never had a problem (knock on wood). Of course, between John eating ham and cheese sandwiches almost every day, and using it in occasional recipes (salad dressings, egg or tuna salad, cole slaw), I think it just gets used up fast enough.

    Anyway – I have discovered that using a mixture of PURE olive, and flax seed oil (half of each) results in a nice, mild flavor with lots of health benefits. And I make it directly in the jar, with a stick blender. So it’s very quick, painless, and mess-free!

    Another thing – I haven’t done this for a while but you can add a Tb. or 2 of whey, and let it sit out for….7 hrs I think? Then it will also have healthy cultures, AND last longer.

  2. I’ve heard that about the olive oil and I didn’t think about using a stick blender. Maybe we’ll have to give that one a try. I had also forgotten about whey being used as a natural preservative.

    • There’s a YouTube video for using the stick blender. Trick is to use a jar/container just barely bigger than the bottom of the blender. You mix everything – eggs, vinegar, lemon juice, salt and sugar – in the bottom, and pour the oil over the top, giving it a few seconds to separate. Then you pulse the stick blender a few times before keeping it on. Also, I’ve found that it’s best to stop when there’s just a tiny bit of oil left unblended, and stir it in. Because it’s possible to overdo it and then the emulsifying falls apart.

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