new toy

for my seventh anniversary my husband gave me, not a diamond necklace, not a trip to europe or a caribbean cruise but…….compost bins!

i couldn’t have been more ecstatic.  i’d had a bin i made from chicken wire but it wasn’t the right depth and width to make for easy turning.  it also wasn’t very pretty and i like everything in my yard to be pretty.  even a compost bin.

we assembled these last weekend and stationed them just outside our garage.  i ordered two, to be placed side by side.  as we accumulate all the little things that make compost they will simply be shoveled from one bin to the other on a weekly basis.

after assembly the bins were properly christened.

while i don’t really see myself as a compost guru, here are some things i have gathered over the few years i have composted (is that the proper verb?  i don’t know….)

*do use: grass clippings, leaves, and other garden waste such as weeds provided they are not diseased.  coffee grounds, tea bags, egg shells, vegetable scraps, etc.

*do not use: beef or dairy products or grease.  these attract rodents.   grass that has been chemically treated, or as noted before, any diseased garden waste.

*compost just happens.  there is very little that needs to be done in order facilitate the process.  one can get as elaborate as fancy bins, worms, and compost tea; but really all you need to do is pile your scraps and garden waste and allow nature to do its work.

*it will go a little faster however if the pile is turned on a regular basis.  when i am organized and doing everything right, i turn mine once a week with a shovel or cultivator.

*chopping up the waste into smaller pieces will also help.

*the compost pile also likes a little bit of moisture.   if yours looks to be a bit dry mist it with a garden hose.  don’t mist too generously however.  “moist” here is the key word.

*the finished product will be dark and crumbly, something like coffee grounds.  use for amending  your soil, or as a top or side dressing for your crops.

*don’t overthink it.  it is a very simple process.  let nature do the work.


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