ten random things about a very hot summer

1. i no longer run.  even in the mornings.  as early as 7am  the heat is already oppressive.  i have however, become a very great walker.

2. my morning walk ends with a watering ritual: the hanging petunias, the coleus and pentas on the back porch, and then set the sprinkler.

3.  i used to never want to own a pool.  now i covet one.

4.  as a general rule i don’t like to use public pools.  it is like taking a bath with a bunch of people i have never met.  last week i caught myself  googling public pools for my area.

5. i have forgotten what i look like with my hair down long.  for the past six weeks it has either been in a ponytail or a butterfly clip.

6. last spring i set out some new perennials.  they didn’t survive the heat.  there is nothing left to even show where they were.  they have simply evaporated.  very sad.

7. for the first summer in my life as a gardener i have managed to battle the squash borer to the point that i have a beautiful zucchini vine. but….no zucchini.  they whither up before they reach maturity.

8. the grass is so dead that we decided yesterday if you squinch up your eyes and ignore the still-green trees one might think it is winter.

9. my favorite drink: club soda with just enough pomegranate juice to color the water, and a slice of lemon.  if it wasn’t so hot i’d dash out to the back porch for a sprig of mint.  as it is i just enjoy it with the lemon.

10. i spend a great deal of time deliberating over menu plans that do not involve an oven or a stove.  although last weekend i did indulge in a baked potato thereby heating the kitchen up to 82 degrees.  it was worth it.


2 Comments to “ten random things about a very hot summer”

  1. so, did you go for a swim in a pubic pool?

  2. Nnnnnnno. It “cooled off” today. Only 90 degrees.

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