confessions for a thursday morning…

~ i have developed a morbid fascination for beauty pageant reality tv shows.  “toddlers and tiaras” is a little too much even for me but this past week i discovered “king of crowns” and the “bituminous coal queens of pennsylvania”.  love the token scene where the pageant mom is fighting with daughter who did not properly execute a turn (or whatever).  she takes a deep breath, her huge southern pageant mom hair-do quivers with her frustration and she says in her thick southern drawl…”baby….ah…just…wahnt…so much for you….” her voice cracks.  then she begins to cry.  i love it.  it’s great.

~when i am not watching behind the scenes at beauty pageants, i am watching “the x-files”.  my husband informed me that this is a key part of my coming of age that i missed. usually we watch these together and discuss how great it would be to stage an x-files parody.

~when i was in my early twenties i wanted dana scully  hair even though i had no idea who dana scully was.   i wasn’t able to pull it off though and more often times than not looked like the frustrated southern pageant mom.

~ yesterday i went to a meeting with about 200 other people.  i noticed some guy i had never seen before wandering about and looking a bit like he’d just gotten out of bed.  i was about to ask him if he needed help when he came and sat next to me and puttered on his i-phone.  he was later introduced as a doctor and one of the speakers at the meeting.

~ i went to chipotle after the meeting and ended up at a table incidentally between the doctor who was still on his i-phone and a group of detectives from the police department.

~ i was disappointed that our detective uniforms are nothing more than printed t-shirts and khaki cargo pants.  no pinstripe suits?

~ i was tempted to interrupt their lunch and ask if there really were some x-files tucked away in a basement. was there really a fox mulder?  did smoking man really kill jfk?  then i realized that the local police department was not the fbi and they would most likely have no idea what i was talking about unless they sat with their wives and watched the “x-files” on date night too.  in which case the conversation might have been interesting after all and if we ever decided to shoot that parody we’d know some guys who might like to join.  guys with real live guns. but i digress….

~ i like the  name fox.

~ i am such a movie/tv nerd that i googled smoking man trivia.  the cigarettes are herbal ones  and he currently lives in canada.


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