this and that…

it’s monday!  but i’m happy this morning because my husband is home and will be home for two weeks this month.  not two consecutive weeks, but two weeks nevertheless.  today will be a normal day for us  although we have gotten off to a bit of a late start having stayed up last night watching the x-files.  we’re right in the middle of season five, just in case you wanted to know.  my two mile walk (run for him) underway, i’m looking forward to laundry and tidying up from the weekend.

today i also plan to close out the project of the two rooms.  it has taken a bit longer than i anticipated.  i took a bit of a break in there to help out with our yard work but it is about finished.  the rooms have yet to be painted but we can’t really do that until next year when we have a better idea of what our family situation is going to look like.  we’d still jump at the chance to have the office?/nursery?  become a nursery!  but i’ve been doing lots of reading and research on childfree living as a family of two just in case the office?/nursery? becomes an office (note the absence of italics and exclamation point).  ya know though, as tough as it might be to experience the unthinkable, i’m finding that it could be doable and  i’m pleasantly surprised to find that i am at peace with the matter.  at least for today.

our garden has all but bit the dust.  we’re in the middle of the worst summer we’ve seen in over thirty years with over a month’s worth of temperatures in the triple digits.  last week i realized that i was heavily watering but nothing was producing and therefore it just wasn’t worth it.   we yanked out the last of the summer tomatoes and tossed them into the compost bin.   i’m still planning for a fall garden i just don’t know when it will go in.  the heat is not giving any sign of letting up. it is all rather discouraging.  no heirloom tomatoes this year, no zucchini, and no pole beans.  i even lost my sunflowers.  the few ornamentals that are left are bleached by the sun and not very pretty to look at.  no point in keeping them but i just don’t have the heart  yet to pitch them into the compost bin as well.

i’ve decided to take up sewing again.  i had quit after a disastrous project last year.  i’m not quite sure what gave me the incentive to reconsider but i did, and while the results have not been perfect i’m finding my way back to sewing items for my wardrobe.  maybe.   i think i have figured out the pattern sizing mystery, and i’ve found some styles and patterns i like.  i also discovered and bought a dandy sewing table that folds up out of the way when not in use and i’m currently shopping around for a used serger.

last week i sat down and sketched out some further ideas for blog posts.  i am going to try a regular book review column.  i posted my first last week,  but don’t expect to see anything else soon.  i’m wading through a 600 page (in tiny print) historical fiction right now and don’t see that i’ll have it completed before september.  i do though want to review my collection of cookbooks, feature some recipes from my grandma mabel’s kitchen, continue the mrs. beeton column (which was never meant to be taken seriously ya’ll), and organize some random favorite links into a series of posts called “snippets”.

stay tuned and have a lovely week.




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  1. I gave up on my garden, too. The tomato plants are huge, but nary a fruit on them!

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