window shopping…

i’m an old house junkie.  if i had the money, i would collect old houses the way some people collect salt and pepper shakers.  my first encounter with an old house was when i was ten years old and  i was staying overnight with a friend.  the home they were in was a temporary situation, a rental, that they didn’t even like.  i, however,  thought it was beautiful and i loved the way the wood floors creaked when we carried our hot chocolate back to the bedroom.  ever since then i have carried a fondness for older homes and moving into one was a long time dream come true.

i don’t want to move. ever.  i do though, still love to look at old homes and wish there was some way to “rescue” them from the potential home buyer who will slather the walls in the latest trendy color (what is it now? slate gray?  i don’t even know), slap a slab of granite on the kitchen countertops, and turn the back porch into a third bedroom.  my husband and i fantasize about buying a huge tract of land, buying up some of the old homes in our area, and moving them; creating an “older” private neighborhood with a very strict code.  no vinyl windows, no interior or exterior renovations that are not consistent with the original architecture.  we might even add a diner and a corner drugstore with a soda fountain.

these are some of my recent finds that i have fallen in love with:

this one is in a historic district about a mile and a half from where we currently live.  it was built by a well-known local architect in 1920.  it was originally built as a duplex and has been converted to a single family home.  i’ve not seen the inside but considering the amount of time it has been on the market, i’m guessing the “redo” was not very well done.

and this one is directly across the street from the one above, also built in 1920.  the arched window though to the far right does not appear to be original.  ::sob::

now this one is an eyesore, i will admit.  built in 1920, i run past this house every morning.  the inside though (that i’ve seen only in pictures) has a lot of what appear to be original arches and wood floors.  the kitchen has some fabulous yellow cabinets, and the sink, while not original, has a wonderful vintage metal rim with a wall mount faucet.  it does not however, have central heat and air, the garage has disappeared, and there is no laundry room.  the brick pillars also need to be removed and replaced with cedar posts.  i’d also replace the door and take off the shutters.   it would take an incredible amount of time and $$ to get it into shape, neither of which we have right now but it would be a fun challenge.



4 Comments to “window shopping…”

  1. I love your idea of moving the old houses and creating an old neighborhood. I think you should keep that one alive.

    (Do you get my comments?)


  2. yep! i look forward to your comments and read them all.

  3. I, too, love your “old neighborhood” idea. You just might have something there. If I was RICH, I’d invest with you to give it a try! Dreams & imaginations are so good for the heart & soul. Thanks for my moment of fantasy! Love you, Jenny!

    Debbie Kay

  4. I wish you could come and help me with plans for a kitchen remodel. I need it to include lots of storage and hopefully a dishwasher, but I’d love for it to look like it fit our 1915 house.

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