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August 15, 2011

the *conclusion* of the two rooms project

actually the two rooms project was originally titled “the project of the two rooms” but to say “the conclusion of the project of the two rooms” was too much of a mouthful…

anyhow.  i got it done for the most part.  there are still a few areas that need to be tweaked here and there and we really can’t fully finish these out for several months yet but for now, the two rooms are at least functional and no longer an embarrassing disorganized mess.

so here is the before shot of the room off of the garden:

and here it is “after”…

i will agree that there is not a significant difference but i can assure you that it is decluttered and therefore that much easier to keep clean.  the box on the chaise goes to goodwill.  i’m still working on that…

i had a brilliant thought the other day and decided that if we remain a family of two i will make this a morning room like the one in du maurier’s rebecca.  it was the room where mrs. de winter spent every morning planning dinner and opening the mail.  it was, aside from rebecca’s, the loveliest room in the whole house.  i’ve always wanted a morning room and this would be perfect.

on to the closet…

my (yoga mat and my) dandy collapsible sewing table.  i will show you that and how it works in another post at another time.

above i have sewing and craft supplies stored:

and opposite, seasonal decorations, my duck family (which i currently have no place for but absolutely love and therefore cannot yet part with), and my fabric.

i haven’t shown you a below shot because my wedding gown is still hanging there.  i need to find a place to have it restored.

here is a shot of the office?/nursery? before:

and here it is now:

pretty empty and empty it will stay for a bit until we see the lay of the land.  i’m thinking now though that if it isn’t an nursery? i my bring in my grow lights, and my settee.  as you can see this is a very fluid project and i change my mind a lot.

so there you have it.

my next up and coming project is to fully stock and organize my pantry.

for now though, i leave you with a little addition to my kitchen:

…a brass towel rack. the towel says “bon appetite ya’ll.  nope i didn’t misspell appetit.  it says appetite.

and yes those are dirty dishes in my sink.

happy  monday!