catching up….

while i love living where we do and can’t imagine living any place else there is something about the change in seasons that leaves something to be desired.  there really aren’t many “in between” days; we typically go from hot to cold; and then from cold back to hot once again.  just over the weekend, we went to bed on a very hot humid evening, and woke up the next morning to a lovely 70some degrees.  i’d love to say that fall is finally here, but i know we’re in for a few unexpected warm days before the heat finally does break for good.

yesterday i took advantage of the break in the weather to clean up what is left after the drought and to put in my beet seeds.  i’m waaaay late in getting them in.  partly because i didn’t want to get out there when the temp is in the triple digets and partly because i just haven’t been feeling all that well.  i decided to go ahead anyway and see what they do.  worst case scenario we have no beets, but we should get some tops.  the cabbages on the other hand…..well i don’t know.  they don’t like anything over 80 degrees but if you don’t get them out there they don’t have enough time to establish themselves before winter hits.  after trying for days to harden them off (during which they would just wilt and not recover) i chose two of the strongest looking ones out there and pluncked them down in their plot.  they’ll have to sink or swim.  at the moment, one is sinking and one is swimming.  we may or may  not have home grown heirloom cabbage this year.  ::shrug::  i tried.

two views of my tomato beds.  the tomatoes are coming along, we’ve lost a few but still have four with some blossoms.  the victoria salvia seemed to thrive, even during the extreme heat.  the sunflowers did not.  they were ripped out and replaced with some red zinnias i had started indoors.

the aftermath of the drought.  some of my potted plants hung on, some didn’t, and some i just let go.  after a while, they just didn’t look pretty anymore and so i figured what’s the point?  this week or next i plan to replace the dead stuff with pansies, mums, and ornamental cabbage.

cleaning up what was left of the tomato bed.  the zucchini finally started to die off and i have given up on it.  replacing all of this with cabbage, kale, and brussels sprouts.


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