artisan bread in five minutes a day…

i tried it.

i don’t recall where i first heard of the book artisan bread in five minutes a day but i do recall being very skeptical.  i was reluctant because in my opinion anything that traditionally requires a good bit of time, and is shortened for the sake if convenience can’t be all that great or good for you.  this is why i don’t own a microwave.  (yes. in case you haven’t guessed by now i am a terrible food snob and not ashamed to admit it)

i ended up revisiting the book however out of necessity.  (maybe i’m not so much of a snob after all??)

we want to eat healthy.

i believe in from-scratch cooking as much as possible.

baking bread makes me feel all warm and house-wifey inside.

we recently began using more spelt.

organic spelt bread costs more than $5 a loaf.

i rarely managed to find  the time to bake.

i decided to have a look-see and checked the book out at the library first.  after looking through it and giving the master recipe a go, i’ve decided to buy it.  this really is wonderful stuff, and it really is very, very easy.  i liked the fact that one has the added bonus of soaking the grains if you are trying to do the traditional foods sort of thing.  now, i did use processed flour and for this first run through i used white flour

::ducks to avoid flying objects hurled by the healthy crowd::

i didn’t want to tweak anything until i was familiar with what i was doing.  that being said: i’m sure that using processed flour cancels out any benefit from soaking the grains but at least i feel better about eating it.

here is my dough (again i used the master recipe for a basic boule) having been in the fridge for nearly a week. as you can see, we  had already sampled one loaf.  it really did take less than fifteen minutes to mix together and rose beautifully before being stored in the fridge.  the book recommends storing the dough in a plastic lidded container which i don’t have.  my glass bowl covered with plastic wrap worked fine and i may just stick with that.

here are two loaves ready to raise on the pizza peel.  this was one of the things marked “necessary” by the authors of the book.  i don’t know that i would agree as to it being absolutely necessary.  neither was the oven thermometer. i discovered that my oven *is* off, yeah, but the bread still baked just fine and was amazing.  the baking stone and the broiler pan for the water bath however, were in my opinion, an absolute necessity.

dusted, scored, and ready for the oven…

the finished product.

for now we’ve decided to stick with the boule recipe because we like it.  but i can’t wait to try the recipe for the bagel dough or the brioche.

take 2 will be an attempt at a boule made from spelt.

i’ll keep you posted…


2 Comments to “artisan bread in five minutes a day…”

  1. I’d love to make those loaves! They look so yummy.

  2. Their second book (healthy bread in 5) has whole grain recipes… Might want to check that one out too before buying the other. If you do decide you want the first one (artisan in 5) let me know– since going gluten-free, I never use it and would be happy to pass it on.

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