i want to be a real italian; not just an okie with an italian last name.

last night I watched moonstruck for the first time and was captivated by the italian-ness of the two families in the story.  it gave me a better understanding of why my husband raises his voice when he says something about which he  feels very passionate and why he pinches his fingers together and shakes his hands when he is communicating.

i  wanna do that too.

like i said, i already have the last name.

i have a chaotic kitchen where i spend most of my time stirring something on the stove.

but I want to lapse into my beautiful mother tongue when I’m expressing something important.  I wanna  serve my chuck roast with a side of spaghetti instead of mashed potatoes and plunk down a plate of it  in front of whomever passes through my kitchen.  i wanna slap people around and change my name to rose.

having been raised a very devout protestant i can’t in very good conscience convert to catholicism but I don’t see any harm in hanging a picture of the pope in our dining room; right next to a portrait of dean martin whom we will listen to more often.  when we’re not listening to dean we’ll listen to puccini.

I can hang heirloom lace curtains in the living room; brought directly from the old country.

i can string a clothes line from the window on the second floor.

i just wonder if i can accomplish all this before my husband comes home on thursday night.  he isn’t going to know what hit him; especially since i plan to pick him up riding a vespa.



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