…on hopes and dreams

thought for the day (snagged from a friend on pinterest): do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not: but remember that what you  now have was once among the things you only  hoped for.

as my husband and i continue to work our way through the unknown i’m reminded of another similar time in my life some fifteen, twenty years ago.

our little house sits very prominently on a hill, one of about four or five very stately little houses all in a row, and the dormer windows and rooftops can be seen from the highway down below.  years ago, from time to time, i would pass by on the highway.  lonely, and unmarried, i wondered if i would ever have my heart’s desire: a soul mate and a home of my own – an older home that we’d fix up together.  i can recall looking up, seeing those darling little dormers and wondering about that house.  who lived there?  how  did it came to be there overlooking i-244 and yet still looking so elegant and so pretty.

who knew that i was viewing my future home, the older, fixer-upper i would later inhabit with the love of my life.  who knew that spot would one day become my happy haven as we labored together to restore that home.

these next few weeks as i pass through the still unsettled nursery?/office? and wonder what will become of it i need to remember those afternoons on the highway, peering over at those beautiful dormer windows; unaware i was actually looking at the happy ending of my then dilemma.

we may/may not get exactly what we’re hoping for, but i’m convinced that what we do receive will be incredibly good.


4 Comments to “…on hopes and dreams”

  1. beautiful words. “He’s always been faithful.”

  2. Lovely. Just lovely. And a good reminder for me today as well.


  3. Jen-

    My heart was moved by your post today. I will continue to pray.


  4. Loved your last sentence. So true. Remember Ephesians 3:20.

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