fall wreath

when marco and i bought our first home a few months prior to our wedding, one of the first things i did, even in the middle of all the wedding prep, was to make a wreath and hang it on the front door.  to me a wreath on the door says home.  since i love to change things with the season, eventually i had  a wreath for spring, summer, fall, and winter.

when we moved to our current older home with limited storage space my wreath collection presented a problem.  in addition to a closet crowded with floral wreathes, we had  a “double door” situation: a glass door in front of our entry door and the majority of my wreathes were too poofy for the narrow space.

it took me a few years but i finally came up with a solution: a simple, single, grapevine wreath with interchangeable floral picks befitting the season.  the smaller size wreath fits easily between the two doors, and the picks are much easier to store and require much less space than an entire wreath.

so here’s my grapevine wreath purchased at joann’s.

and here is my floral pick (alright it is a bit bigger than a pick…) purchased at hobby lobby for 50% off.

and after attaching a floral wire hanger to the back, i wove the pick through the grapevine so that it can easily be removed after thanksgiving for a christmas arrangement.

now, i’m aware that bows are no longer in vogue and are very ’90s but i am a bow person.  or rather i should say i am a ribbon person.  i love streamers but not necessarily the “bow”.  so, i took this tone on tone stripe and tied it in a square knot at the base of the floral…

and cut the ends at uneven lengths.

and since i love all things feathered, nearly all of my wreathes have had a bird of some sort.  i found these crows a few years ago at pottery barn.  after halloween i’d love to replace them with a sparrow for thanksgiving.

finished product!  i love my red door and the mail slot.


5 Comments to “fall wreath”

  1. BEAUTIFUL ! I still think u need to Ho in business.

  2. Jen- When I’m home can you show me how you insert these photos?


  3. Great tip! I have the glass door thing too. Maybe I’ll shop for a wreath this winter. :o)

  4. Very pretty! Looks wonderful against that beautiful red door.

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