how to spend a delightful evening at home alone

i am a road warrior’s wife.

most monday mornings (like this one), i roll out of bed at the crack of dawn and drop my sweetheart off at the airport where he travels to one place and another servicing clients in need of his consultation.  we do get to spend the weekends together but he is gone at least two weeks out of the month, very often three, and this month: all four.

as a result, i spend many evenings at home alone.  being the classic introvert, this can be wonderful but there are times where it can also be lonely.  following are some ways i have learned to spend a very enjoyable evening at home by myself:

~ make dinner special.  order take-out, or purchase fancy ingredients and make something i have been wanting to try.  i also use nights alone to fix something i particularly like, but my husband doesn’t care for.

~ watch a tv series.  i love the bbc period flicks.  i’m currently working my way through “lillie” on the life of lillie langtry.  some others i’ve enjoyed: north and south, wives and daughters, the forsyte saga, and middlemarch.  it is also fun to have a jane austen marathon.

~ while watching tv, i serve the special dinner on a tv tray, or brew a lovely pot of tea and watch while working on needlework.

~ soak in the bubble bath, light a candle (or candles), and listen to my sarah brightman pandora station.

~ read a book for hours.  when i’m home alone, i choose an easy read, something very engaging where i can sit up in bed propped up with pillows, crank up the electric blanket, snuggle with the doggies, and just read.  if i can manage to keep curious doggies at bay, i’ll add a pot of tea to the mix.

~ sew.  sometimes after dropping my husband off at the airport i’ll head to the fabric store and choose a project that can be completed that week.  in the evenings, i’ll pull out my sewing machine and ironing board, queue up my current bbc series and sew the evening away.

how do you like to spend your time alone?


6 Comments to “how to spend a delightful evening at home alone”

  1. Sometimes, as I read your posts, I think we could be sisters. But then, maybe not — for how many sisters do you know of who share such common passions? Gardening. Cooking. Writing. Home Decorating. A love of historical homes. My inability to sew or do any needlework sets us apart.

    I, too, am often left home alone, though not as regular as you. This week my husband is off in China. If the project he’s pitching gears up, he may be there off an on for half the year, a week or two weeks at a time. In other words, his travel is project-driven. The winter after Mother died, he traveled every week to Houston. I spent the days and night of that eight weeks refinishing all my upstairs wood windows at our home in Mesta Park — I enjoy creating beauty however I can — and restoring those needy old windows became a sort of spiritual practice for me at the time.

    So how do I spend my time alone? In many of the same ways as you, of course. Watching art films or period pieces I know my husband would not particularly enjoy — cooking meals that are not his favorite but mine — reading a good book (I have quite a backlog) — following the life and interests of those on my blogroll, whom I’ve come to regard as a community of friends — and like you, doing something special for myself or a loved one. I’m hoping this week to splurge time on a massage, though other life matters may shove ahead in line of importance.

    You know, the older I get, the more I endeavor to hold plans and goals ‘loosely.’ I’m learning to take joy in whatever comes my way, responding to life as much as I can by following in the crawling ‘steps’ of my youngest granddaughter. In her eyes, each day is a miracle to open up and enjoy. And as I write these words, I think of you and this post and the way the blogging world can unite people with common interests together.

    I like the way your write your life. Thank you for sharing it.


    • janell how nice to meet you! i wish there was some way we warrior road wives lived closer so we didn’t have to spend so many evenings alone, but like you said, the online world is a wonderful way to unite. china. wow. my husband is just in dallas right now which is a one hour direct flight away, so even though he is gone a lot, it doesn’t feel as far. your home sounds lovely. i admire anyone who can refinish old windows. doing special projects has been another way I’ve learned to pass the time productively although most of mine recently have been organizational. thank you so much for dropping in and for sharing – i love what you said about holding goals and plans loosely and learning to just take joy in the little things as they come. a good thing to keep in mind at the start of a new year.

  2. These are GREAT ideas! I should remember this! 🙂 I love the cooking something special idea….

    • anna sometimes it is hard to be disciplined enough to cook just for one. i try to make an event out of it by going shopping for the ingredients, getting a pedicure while i’m out, etc. etc. i always feel healthier too when i really make the effort to cook rather than just scrounge or order take out.

  3. Great ideas!
    – I too watch movies and eat something special, usually kid friendly though.
    – Throw out the schedule and go out after naptime. Breaks up the day and makes it easy to get supper that is already cooked!
    – Catch up on crafts or scrapbooking after the kiddos are in bed.
    – Long talks on the phone with long-distance friends.

    I’m sorry you’re going through this. I hate it. you have a good attitude about it though. IM anytime you’re lonely for a friend. 🙂

  4. thanks diana 🙂 this was part of the bargain when we married. he has *always* traveled at one time or another. recently however, i will say that it has picked up quite a bit more. i am grateful for the work though so i try not to complain. i would love to chat sometime so i’ll take you up on that soon. 😀

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