mrs. beeton’s words of wisdom

on making calls:

“…it is not advisable at any time to take favorite dogs into another lady’s drawing room, for many persons have an absolute dislike to such animals; and besides this, there is always a chance of a breakage of some article occurring, through their leaping and bounding here and there, sometimes very much to the fear and annoyance of the hostess.   her children, also, unless they are particularly well trained and orderly, and she is in exceedingly friendly terms with the hostess, should not accompany a lady in making morning calls.  where a lady, however, pays her visits in a carriage, the children can be taken in the vehicle, and remain in it until the visit is over. ”    got that ladies?  dogs and kidlets stay in the carriage.  unless of course you are visiting me, in which case bring them all in and lemonade and doggie biscuits will be provided accordingly.


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