garden happies

happiness is stepping outside to water the pansies….

….and discovering the helleborus in bloom!


7 Comments to “garden happies”

  1. Always loved helleborus. Someday I will grow them! And it’s just fantastic that you have anything in bloom right now! My gardening and seed catalogs are trickling in, I’m starting to day dream….

    • Elizabeth they are so easy to grow, especially in our climate. i just put them out there and they flourish. they are pretty much evergreen, tolerate the heat well, and the blooms last forever. they also come in some lovely colors.

  2. What a delightful surprise!! We have pansies and snapdragons right now, and my potted cyclamen just started blooming today.
    I haven’t been commenting lately, but you’ve had some great posts! It amuses me to see the differences in our gardening seasons. I’m almost out of time for cold-weather crops! I have lettuces and brussels sprouts growing now, and need to get my seeds started ASAP for most other things. The garden is going to be bigger this year, and hopefully a drought and ridiculously hot summer won’t kill it off this time!

    • wow Sarah! your cool weather season is almost over?! ours is just getting started. i hear ya about the drought. for two years in a row it has been too hot for tomatoes. i have some new varieties i want to try this year and i’m hoping the weather will cooperate.

  3. Yes, the cool season is almost over! There is no guarantee we will even have another frost. You never know though. Two years ago we had snow for my birthday at the end of February. (It was not much, and gone the next day.)

    I’m hoping to try some new tomatoes this year too! We had ripe tomatoes as early as May last year! I’m really hoping that this year the squash borers don’t get my zucchini and summer squash. We didn’t harvest any last year. 😦

    • if you figure out what to do about the borers please let me know. i’ve tried to ward them off by wrapping panty hose around the base and that worked last year to an extent; but then the heat was too much for them to produce. i have a lovely zucchini carpaccio recipe that i’ve wanted so bad to make with home grown zucchini.

  4. Are you familiar with “Garden’s Alive”? My father used to use their products when I was growing up. I found this information on their website, and am probably going to try it this year with the squash.

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