if you are going to be home alone on valentines day…

…like i am; fix yourself something yummy (i’m making lasagna for one) and sit up in front of the telly with something fun.

i would recommend one of the following, in no particular order of importance.  not what one would expect for valentine’s day but if you are home alone do you really want to be watching something romantic without your significant other?

*black books – hilarious.  a british comedy series that is quintessential british comedy.   a bit over the top at times, but it offers completely a different side of tamsin greig if you enjoyed her in emma and the diary of anne frank.

*land girls – if you are liking downton abbey you might enjoy this as well.  also a british series, this chronicles the experiences of four girls during world war II as they join britain’s land army.  i will admit the acting is a bit surfacy and some scenarios and characters are difficult to believe; it was however, entertaining enough that i watched all five episodes in just two evenings.  unfortunately netflix only offers the first season.

*lillie – the life of lillie langtry featuring franceca annis when she was a pretty young thing.  alright she is still pretty; just maybe not quite as young.  this is one of those stuffy british dramas from the ‘70s but the content is fascinating (who knew one could make a living just by being beautiful and showing up at parties?) and the costumes are breathtaking.

*the natural history of the chicken – quirky, off the wall, but fun.  i don’t recall there actually being much said about the history of the chicken, as the title suggests;  but there were quite a few entertaining stories about how we as humans interact with chickens.

*the bituminous coal queens of pennsylvania – a “slice of life” documentary about a small town beauty pageant.  if you enjoy christopher guest you will get a kick out of this.



4 Comments to “if you are going to be home alone on valentines day…”

  1. oooh! I love recommendations from you since i have similar taste in shows/movies. 🙂 thanks!

  2. I’m new to following your blog (actually, I signed up through your Black Fox blog). I just love your heartfelt way of writing. 🙂 The fact that you play(ed) a woodwind and spell everything correctly makes it even better! And I thought you’d find this funny: I’m from good ol’ Greene County, PA, where the Coal Queen pageant will be getting underway later this month!

    • Hi there Kelley! Thank you so much for reading. 😀 So do you play the flute as well? (not that I really play that much anymore). Haha! That’s GREAT! Best wishes to the new Coal Queen. That is still one of my favorite documentaries.

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