good morning

so i just put my husby on a plane for the week.  normally he comes home on thursday evenings ad we have a long weekend, but recently his client asked that for the next four weeks he stay through friday.  those additional twenty-four hours make for a very long stretch so we squeeze as much as we possibly can out of our weekends.  to us this means scheduling very little except for our customary date night, catching each other up on what happened during the week, and doing some projects together around the house.  since our time together is so limited these days, i don’t do much house work over the weekends, meaning that monday is a major clean-up-and-get-it-all-back-together day.  not exactly fun, especially after an airport run.

i will however, set aside some time this afternoon for more important things such as catching the downton abbey season finale.  speaking of which, i came across this article this morning.

puts my current feelings on housekeeping in a totally different perspective.(highclere castle by the way is the real downton)


One Comment to “good morning”

  1. I definitely can’t say that I relate, obviously, since my hubs doesn’t travel. But my Dad goes to China frequently for weeks at a time (and due to jet jag isn’t good for much for a week or two after getting home) – so it sort of hits close to home. Having a good job – very wonderful. Traveling all the time – very not fun.

    So sad about the castle. Which reminds me of a book I just read that I thought you might like. I’ll post it on your FB wall. 🙂

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