why folding the laundry is so terribly difficult…

because i no longer get started when i am joined by this little guy who wants to help:

he jumps into the basket,

situates himself comfortably,

then burroughs down…


until he falls asleep.

…and he looks so cute and cuddly, that i just don’t have the heart to remove him.


2 Comments to “why folding the laundry is so terribly difficult…”

  1. Shih tzu right? Cute.

    Sis had one for years and he ruled her roost too. But then, my husband and I were laughing the other day about how our dogs call the shots here too. We have, what was described yesterday as a “pair and a spare” — two standard poodles and a Scottish Terrier. Maddie, our “alpha’ female we call Queen Madeleine regards me as the other woman when my husband gives me a hug.

    But pray, what would life be like without our beloved dogs? I don’t even want to know….


    • yes, bingley is all shih tzu. my sister had one and we fell in love with it and decided those would be “our dog”. they do become part of the family; each with their own distinct personality.

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