the water tap

my husband and i have never built completely from scratch before.  this is a first for both of us.  the closest we have come was buying a brand new home the year we married.  i remember feeling a bit surprised that i had to buy a bathroom towel rack and a toilet paper holder as those did not come with the house.

purchasing raw land and starting literally from the ground up is quite a jump from simply needing a towel rack.  learning first of all: what we need;  second: how to ask for it; and third: who to ask has been an experience to say the least.  working with rural districts that office in small towns off the beaten path have provided  very colorful entertainment as well as insight into the culture we’ll soon be part of.

my  first challenge was getting the water tap.  this was one experience where google offered little help other than to deliver images of, literally, the tap on your faucet.  i quickly learned (as most of you out there who have done this before know and are probably right now sniggering into your coffee) that the tap is installed by the water company close to the edge of your property line.  that little manhole cover?  out in your front yard?   near the road?  that is your water tap. sounds simple?  i just always took it for granted.   now, once you get one installed, that does not mean that you have water on your property.  it just means that you have access to it.  you still have to pay a huge chunk of change to the plumber to get the water from here to there.

since we are  outside the city limits, there was a bit of a question as to which district we were in.   is it district #2 or district #6?  one afternoon i gave city hall a call.  the man who answered the phone told me he doesn’t have the info. “irene” knows all that and “irene” has stepped out for a bit.  he is just sitting at her desk and he doesn’t know where she keeps anything.

rather than wait for irene to come back i called district 6 myself.

“what road you on?  that the same one dollar general is on?”

“well, yes but we are a long ways away from dollar general. “

“doesn’t matter.  you on the same road as dollar general,  you are in district #2”.

district #2 it is then.

~to be continued….


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